Aussie American Football Premiership

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Brisbane Panthers 980124913811124
2Sydney Bulldogs 6501171749715
3Adelaide Magpies 43018261219
4Melbourne Seagulls6204119144-256
5Sydney University 820667130-636
6Western Sydney Bullets 21013214183
7Gold Coast Bluebirds 510434144-1103
8Perth Lightning 40044392-490

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Sydney University 8v31Sydney Bulldogs
Sydney University 17v37Brisbane Panthers
Perth Lightning 25v26Brisbane Panthers
Sydney Bulldogs 38v6Gold Coast Bluebirds
Brisbane Panthers 51v0Gold Coast Bluebirds
Melbourne Seagulls17v4Gold Coast Bluebirds
Sydney University 4v6Adelaide Magpies
Sydney University 4v6Brisbane Panthers
Sydney University 14v2Melbourne Seagulls
Melbourne Seagulls28v48Adelaide Magpies
Melbourne Seagulls28v56Brisbane Panthers
Sydney Bulldogs 34v36Brisbane Panthers
Brisbane Panthers 8v2Sydney University
Perth Lightning 4v18Sydney Bulldogs
Melbourne Seagulls14v22Gold Coast Bluebirds
Adelaide Magpies 12v26Brisbane Panthers
Perth Lightning 14v18Sydney Bulldogs
Sydney University 12v8Western Sydney Bullets
Gold Coast Bluebirds 2v24Western Sydney Bullets
Sydney Bulldogs 32v6Sydney University
Melbourne Seagulls30v0Perth Lightning
Adelaide Magpies 16v3Brisbane Panthers

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