Ashton Summer League 2014

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Kess's Cowboys962146262020
2Garswood Boars962143291420
3Walmsley Arms961242301219
4Wolf Pack953146262018
6Bath Dodgers93153537-210
7Jerry Springers92252943-148
8Hinge Blackbelts92162844-167
9Bluebell Bulldogs90452844-164
10Bar Aqua91172448-244

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Kess's Cowboys6v2Bar Aqua
Wolf Pack4v4Bath Dodgers
Gypsy's.com4v4Garswood Boars
Jerry Springers5v3Hinge Blackbelts
Bluebell Bulldogs3v5Walmsley Arms
Walmsley Arms5v3Jerry Springers
Bluebell Bulldogs3v5Kess's Cowboys
Hinge Blackbelts2v6Gypsy'
Garswood Boars2v6Wolf Pack
Bath Dodgers6v2Bar Aqua
Kess's Cowboys6v2Bath Dodgers
Wolf Pack7v1Hinge Blackbelts
Jerry Springers4v4Bluebell Bulldogs
Gypsy's.com4v4Walmsley Arms
Bar Aqua3v5Garswood Boars
Jerry Springers3v5Kess's Cowboys
Bluebell Bulldogs4v4Gypsy'
Walmsley Arms7v1Wolf Pack
Hinge Blackbelts3v5Bar Aqua
Garswood Boars5v3Bath Dodgers
Wolf Pack4v4Bluebell Bulldogs
Gypsy's.com4v4Jerry Springers
Kess's Cowboys3v5Garswood Boars
Bath Dodgers3v5Hinge Blackbelts
Bar Aqua1v7Walmsley Arms
Walmsley Arms6v2Bath Dodgers
Jerry Springers0v8Wolf Pack
Bluebell Bulldogs4v4Bar Aqua
Hinge Blackbelts4v4Garswood Boars
Gypsy's.com4v4Kess's Cowboys
Wolf Pack5v3Gypsy'
Kess's Cowboys6v2Hinge Blackbelts
Bath Dodgers7v1Bluebell Bulldogs
Garswood Boars6v2Walmsley Arms
Jerry Springers5v3Bar Aqua
Walmsley Arms5v3Hinge Blackbelts
Gypsy's.com5v3Bar Aqua
Bluebell Bulldogs2v6Garswood Boars
Bath Dodgers5v3Jerry Springers
Wolf Pack4v4Kess's Cowboys
Kess's Cowboys7v1Walmsley Arms
Hinge Blackbelts5v3Bluebell Bulldogs
Garswood Boars6v2Jerry Springers
Bath Dodgers3v5Gypsy'
Bar Aqua1v7Wolf Pack

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