Ashton Pool League 2017/18

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Triangle squares 292423162709274
2Jubilee sharks2923331666610072
3Q8 cowboys292054158748465
4Triangle gypsies 291667144885654
5Hinge blackbelts 281648128963252
6Cale wildcats2916491291032652
7Garswood giants 291559133993450
8Village Vikings 29136101251071845
9Bucks bombers 299713101131-3034
10Jubilee jets2961211105127-2230
11Dover destroyers 29691497135-3827
12Club pub29641983149-6622
13Hinge helmets28561778146-6821
14Bath bombs28461882142-6018
15Kess Krazies 28522181143-6217
16Commercial 29352168164-9614

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Triangle gypsies 3v5Jubilee sharks
Bucks bombers 4v4Dover destroyers
Jubilee sharks5v3Club pub
Kess Krazies 0v8Bucks bombers
Q8 cowboys2v6Jubilee sharks
Triangle gypsies 4v4Village Vikings
Bucks bombers 2v6Cale wildcats
Dover destroyers 1v7Jubilee sharks
Kess Krazies 1v7Garswood giants
Q8 cowboys7v1Triangle squares
Hinge helmets6v2Club pub
Jubilee jets6v2Commercial
Cale wildcats6v2Commercial
Garswood giants 2v6Q8 cowboys
Jubilee sharks5v3Kess Krazies
Triangle squares 5v3Hinge blackbelts
Bath bombs1v7Triangle gypsies
Club pub4v4Village Vikings
Hinge helmets4v4Jubilee jets
Commercial 3v5Hinge helmets
Cale wildcats5v3Dover destroyers
Hinge blackbelts 6v2Garswood giants
Triangle gypsies 2v6Triangle squares
Club pub5v3Bath bombs
Jubilee jets4v4Village Vikings
Hinge helmets0v8Cale wildcats
Bucks bombers 1v7Q8 cowboys
Village Vikings 6v2Commercial
Dover destroyers 6v2Kess Krazies
Jubilee sharks6v2Hinge blackbelts
Garswood giants 5v3Triangle gypsies
Triangle squares 8v0Club pub
Bath bombs4v4Jubilee jets
Hinge helmets0v8Village Vikings
Cale wildcats6v2Kess Krazies
Q8 cowboys8v0Dover destroyers
Bucks bombers 4v4Hinge blackbelts
Commercial 5v3Bath bombs
Club pub5v3Garswood giants
Jubilee jets2v6Triangle squares
Triangle squares 8v0Commercial
Hinge blackbelts 5v3Dover destroyers
Bath bombs4v4Hinge helmets
Bucks bombers 4v4Triangle gypsies
Village Vikings 3v5Cale wildcats
Kess Krazies 3v5Q8 cowboys
Garswood giants 3v5Jubilee jets
Dover destroyers 4v4Club pub
Village Vikings 5v3Bath bombs
Kess Krazies 1v7Hinge blackbelts
Commercial 1v7Garswood giants
Cale wildcats2v6Q8 cowboys
Hinge helmets0v8Triangle squares
Triangle gypsies 6v2Dover destroyers
Club pub3v5Bucks bombers
Jubilee jets4v4Jubilee sharks
Garswood giants 8v0Hinge helmets
Cale wildcats7v1Bath bombs
Jubilee sharks7v1Commercial
Q8 cowboys4v4Hinge blackbelts
Kess Krazies 3v5Triangle gypsies
Triangle squares 6v2Village Vikings
Bucks bombers 6v2Jubilee jets
Commercial 5v3Bucks bombers
Bath bombs3v5Triangle squares
Village Vikings 2v6Garswood giants
Jubilee sharks8v0Hinge helmets
Hinge blackbelts 6v2Cale wildcats
Triangle gypsies 4v4Q8 cowboys
Club pub6v2Kess Krazies
Jubilee jets3v5Dover destroyers
Bath bombs5v3Triangle gypsies
Dover destroyers 4v4Commercial
Garswood giants 4v4Bath bombs
Bucks bombers 5v3Hinge helmets
Jubilee sharks5v3Village Vikings
Hinge blackbelts 5v3Triangle gypsies
Triangle squares 6v2Cale wildcats
Q8 cowboys6v2Club pub
Kess Krazies 3v5Jubilee jets
Village Vikings 7v1Bucks bombers
Hinge helmets5v3Dover destroyers
Triangle squares 6v2Garswood giants
Cale wildcats2v6Triangle gypsies
Commercial 3v5Kess Krazies
Bath bombs3v5Jubilee sharks
Club pub3v5Hinge blackbelts
Jubilee jets3v5Q8 cowboys
Bucks bombers 5v3Bath bombs
Garswood giants 4v4Cale wildcats
Triangle gypsies 8v0Club pub
Jubilee sharks3v5Triangle squares
Dover destroyers 5v3Village Vikings
Hinge blackbelts 7v1Jubilee jets
Q8 cowboys8v0Commercial
Bucks bombers 2v6Garswood giants
Dover destroyers 2v6Triangle squares
Kess Krazies 3v5Bath bombs
Q8 cowboys6v2Village Vikings
Hinge blackbelts 5v3Hinge helmets
Triangle gypsies 8v0Commercial
Jubilee sharks7v1Cale wildcats
Club pub4v4Jubilee jets
Bath bombs4v4Dover destroyers
Triangle squares 6v2Bucks bombers
Village Vikings 6v2Kess Krazies
Hinge helmets2v6Q8 cowboys
Commercial 5v3Hinge blackbelts
Garswood giants 4v4Jubilee sharks
Cale wildcats6v2Club pub
Jubilee jets3v5Triangle gypsies
Cale wildcats8v0Bucks bombers
Jubilee sharks6v2Dover destroyers
Garswood giants 7v1Kess Krazies
Triangle squares 5v3Q8 cowboys
Hinge blackbelts 8v0Bath bombs
Village Vikings 2v6Triangle gypsies
Club pub4v4Hinge helmets
Commercial 4v4Jubilee jets
Dover destroyers 2v6Garswood giants
Bucks bombers 1v7Jubilee sharks
Triangle gypsies 7v1Hinge helmets
Club pub6v2Commercial
Hinge blackbelts 3v5Village Vikings
Jubilee jets6v2Cale wildcats
Kess Krazies 3v5Triangle squares
Q8 cowboys7v1Bath bombs
Commercial 4v4Cale wildcats
Bucks bombers 4v4Dover destroyers
Kess Krazies 1v7Jubilee sharks
Q8 cowboys5v3Garswood giants
Hinge blackbelts 2v6Triangle squares
Village Vikings 8v0Club pub
Jubilee jets4v4Hinge helmets
Triangle gypsies 5v3Kess Krazies
Triangle squares 6v2Triangle gypsies
Garswood giants 3v5Hinge blackbelts
Village Vikings 4v4Jubilee jets
Jubilee sharks4v4Q8 cowboys
Hinge helmets4v4Commercial
Bath bombs5v3Club pub
Dover destroyers 2v6Cale wildcats
Bucks bombers 5v3Kess Krazies
Cale wildcats5v3Hinge helmets
Commercial 3v5Village Vikings
Kess Krazies 4v4Dover destroyers
Q8 cowboys8v0Bucks bombers
Hinge blackbelts 1v7Jubilee sharks
Triangle gypsies 4v4Garswood giants
Club pub2v6Triangle squares
Jubilee jets6v2Bath bombs
Hinge helmets0v8Jubilee sharks
Hinge blackbelts 4v4Q8 cowboys
Cale wildcats4v4Village Vikings
Village Vikings 6v2Hinge helmets
Bath bombs6v2Commercial
Kess Krazies 5v3Cale wildcats
Dover destroyers 2v6Q8 cowboys
Hinge blackbelts 5v3Bucks bombers
Jubilee sharks6v2Triangle gypsies
Garswood giants 6v2Club pub
Triangle squares 4v4Jubilee jets
Hinge helmets4v4Bath bombs
Commercial 0v8Triangle squares
Q8 cowboys7v1Kess Krazies
Dover destroyers 1v7Hinge blackbelts
Triangle gypsies 7v1Bucks bombers
Club pub5v3Jubilee sharks
Jubilee jets3v5Garswood giants
Bath bombs3v5Village Vikings
Triangle squares 6v2Hinge helmets
Garswood giants 7v1Commercial
Q8 cowboys3v5Cale wildcats
Hinge blackbelts 5v3Kess Krazies
Dover destroyers 4v4Triangle gypsies
Bucks bombers 8v0Club pub
Jubilee sharks6v2Jubilee jets
Bath bombs3v5Cale wildcats
Village Vikings 1v7Triangle squares
Hinge helmets3v5Garswood giants
Commercial 2v6Jubilee sharks
Club pub3v5Dover destroyers
Jubilee jets2v6Bucks bombers
Kess Krazies 7v1Club pub
Commercial 0v8Triangle gypsies
Bucks bombers 4v4Commercial
Triangle squares 6v2Bath bombs
Garswood giants 5v3Village Vikings
Cale wildcats2v6Hinge blackbelts
Q8 cowboys2v6Triangle gypsies
Dover destroyers 4v4Jubilee jets
Triangle gypsies 5v3Hinge blackbelts
Club pub2v6Q8 cowboys
Cale wildcats5v3Triangle squares
Commercial 2v6Dover destroyers
Village Vikings 2v6Jubilee sharks
Jubilee jets4v4Kess Krazies
Bucks bombers 5v3Hinge helmets
Bath bombs2v6Garswood giants
Q8 cowboys6v2Hinge helmets
Jubilee sharks8v0Bath bombs
Hinge blackbelts 2v6Club pub
Bucks bombers 2v6Village Vikings
Garswood giants 2v6Triangle squares
Dover destroyers 3v5Hinge helmets
Q8 cowboys7v1Jubilee jets
Kess Krazies 5v3Commercial
Triangle gypsies 4v4Cale wildcats
Hinge helmets6v2Kess Krazies
Jubilee jets4v4Hinge blackbelts
Cale wildcats3v5Garswood giants
Bath bombs4v4Bucks bombers
Village Vikings 6v2Dover destroyers
Commercial 2v6Q8 cowboys
Triangle squares 2v6Jubilee sharks
Club pub2v6Triangle gypsies
Bucks bombers 2v6Triangle squares
Dover destroyers 6v2Bath bombs
Kess Krazies 3v5Village Vikings
Hinge blackbelts 6v2Commercial
Jubilee sharks6v2Garswood giants
Club pub2v6Cale wildcats
Triangle gypsies 7v1Jubilee jets
Triangle squares 4v4Dover destroyers
Garswood giants 4v4Bucks bombers
Hinge helmets3v5Hinge blackbelts
Village Vikings 4v4Q8 cowboys
Cale wildcats5v3Jubilee sharks
Jubilee jets6v2Club pub
Bath bombs2v6Kess Krazies

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