Ashton Pool league 2015/16

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Cale Wildcats 3210177107
2Jubilee Jets 3210141047
3Triangle Cowboys 2200160166
4Jubilee Sharks 3201177106
5Hinge Blackbelts 220012486
6Triangle Squares 3201141046
7Bath Berserkers 3201131126
8Kess's Krazies 3111121204
9Dover Lock Warriors 3111121204
10Eston's 31111014-44
11Village Vikings 3102131123
12Garswood Giants 3102121203
13Millstone Mafia 3021915-62
14Triangle Gypsy's 3012816-81
15Hinge Helmets 3003519-140
16Pear Tree 3003024-240
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Hinge Blackbelts 7v1Garswood Giants
Bath Berserkers 7v1Hinge Helmets
Jubilee Jets 5v3Village Vikings
Kess's Krazies 5v3Jubilee Sharks
Millstone Mafia 4v4Dover Lock Warriors
Eston's 4v4Triangle Gypsy's
Triangle Squares 0v8Triangle Cowboys
Pear Tree 0v8Cale Wildcats
Hinge Helmets 1v7Triangle Squares
Triangle Gypsy's 3v5Bath Berserkers
Village Vikings 3v5Dover Lock Warriors
Cale Wildcats 4v4Jubilee Jets
Kess's Krazies 4v4Millstone Mafia
Garswood Giants 8v0Pear Tree
Jubilee Sharks 7v1Eston's
Hinge Blackbelts 5v3Hinge Helmets
Triangle Squares 7v1Triangle Gypsy's
Jubilee Jets 5v3Garswood Giants
Eston's 5v3Kess's Krazies
Dover Lock Warriors 3v5Cale Wildcats
Pear Tree 0v8Triangle Cowboys
Millstone Mafia 1v7Village Vikings
Bath Berserkers 1v7Jubilee Sharks

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