Ashton Pool League 16/17

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Jubilee Sharks3125421816711479
2Triangle Cowboys312362166828475
3Hinge Blackbelts312218156926467
4Fleece Gypsys311993159897066
5Triangle Squares3017103150906061
6Village Vikings3118491361122458
7Garswood Giants301758141994256
8Cale Wildcats31124151291191040
9Dover Lock Warriors3010812113127-1438
10Hinge Helmets3011217107133-2635
11Millstone Mafia3110417116132-1634
12Kess Krazies31791599149-5030
13Jubilee Jets315818102146-4423
14Commercial (was Kings)30462082158-7618
15Bath Berserkers30262281159-7812
16Eagle & Child1632113098-6811
17Pit Pony31162476172-969

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Kess Krazies4v4Jubilee Jets
Triangle Cowboys6v2Dover Lock Warriors
Millstone Mafia2v6Garswood Giants
Pit Pony2v6Fleece Gypsys
Kess Krazies2v6Village Vikings
Commercial (was Kings)2v6Triangle Squares
Jubilee Jets2v6Hinge Helmets
Hinge Blackbelts2v6Jubilee Sharks
Bath Berserkers1v7Cale Wildcats
Garswood Giants8v0Hinge Helmets
Garswood Giants8v0Commercial (was Kings)
Hinge Blackbelts7v1Village Vikings
Hinge Blackbelts6v2Hinge Helmets
Hinge Helmets2v6Triangle Cowboys
Commercial (was Kings)2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Village Vikings5v3Bath Berserkers
Dover Lock Warriors5v3Millstone Mafia
Fleece Gypsys7v1Kess Krazies
Jubilee Jets1v7Hinge Blackbelts
Garswood Giants7v1Pit Pony
Triangle Squares4v4Jubilee Sharks
Jubilee Sharks7v1Triangle Squares
Garswood Giants5v3Hinge Helmets
Fleece Gypsys6v2Jubilee Jets
Cale Wildcats4v4Millstone Mafia
Triangle Squares7v1Kess Krazies
Hinge Blackbelts7v1Dover Lock Warriors
Jubilee Sharks7v1Bath Berserkers
Village Vikings2v6Triangle Cowboys
Bath Berserkers2v6Fleece Gypsys
Pit Pony2v6Dover Lock Warriors
Triangle Cowboys5v3Jubilee Jets
Millstone Mafia3v5Hinge Helmets
Hinge Blackbelts3v5Triangle Squares
Kess Krazies2v6Garswood Giants
Commercial (was Kings)5v3Cale Wildcats
Garswood Giants6v2Bath Berserkers
Village Vikings6v2Commercial (was Kings)
Cale Wildcats3v5Jubilee Sharks
Hinge Helmets6v2Pit Pony
Jubilee Jets3v5Millstone Mafia
Hinge Blackbelts5v3Triangle Cowboys
Dover Lock Warriors3v5Kess Krazies
Millstone Mafia1v7Triangle Cowboys
Pit Pony4v4Jubilee Jets
Fleece Gypsys8v0Commercial (was Kings)
Bath Berserkers4v4Dover Lock Warriors
Jubilee Sharks4v4Village Vikings
Kess Krazies4v4Hinge Helmets
Triangle Squares6v2Cale Wildcats
Jubilee Sharks7v1Garswood Giants
Village Vikings2v6Triangle Squares
Millstone Mafia2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Hinge Helmets3v5Bath Berserkers
Fleece Gypsys5v3Jubilee Sharks
Triangle Cowboys6v2Pit Pony
Pit Pony3v5Millstone Mafia
Bath Berserkers1v7Jubilee Jets
Kess Krazies2v6Triangle Cowboys
Triangle Squares4v4Fleece Gypsys
Hinge Blackbelts7v1Cale Wildcats
Commercial (was Kings)5v3Dover Lock Warriors
Garswood Giants5v3Triangle Squares
Pit Pony2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Dover Lock Warriors1v7Jubilee Sharks
Village Vikings6v2Cale Wildcats
Hinge Helmets7v1Commercial (was Kings)
Triangle Cowboys6v2Bath Berserkers
Millstone Mafia5v3Kess Krazies
Hinge Blackbelts5v3Village Vikings
Jubilee Sharks5v3Hinge Helmets
Cale Wildcats3v5Fleece Gypsys
Commercial (was Kings)4v4Jubilee Jets
Bath Berserkers2v6Millstone Mafia
Kess Krazies5v3Pit Pony
Triangle Squares7v1Dover Lock Warriors
Garswood Giants6v2Cale Wildcats
Jubilee Jets2v6Jubilee Sharks
Fleece Gypsys6v2Village Vikings
Triangle Cowboys5v3Commercial (was Kings)
Kess Krazies3v5Hinge Blackbelts
Pit Pony1v7Bath Berserkers
Hinge Helmets3v5Triangle Squares
Hinge Blackbelts2v6Fleece Gypsys
Cale Wildcats3v5Dover Lock Warriors
Triangle Squares5v3Jubilee Jets
Village Vikings4v4Garswood Giants
Jubilee Sharks4v4Triangle Cowboys
Bath Berserkers4v4Kess Krazies
Commercial (was Kings)2v6Millstone Mafia
Garswood Giants3v5Fleece Gypsys
Triangle Cowboys4v4Triangle Squares
Pit Pony4v4Commercial (was Kings)
Hinge Helmets3v5Cale Wildcats
Dover Lock Warriors2v6Village Vikings
Bath Berserkers1v7Hinge Blackbelts
Millstone Mafia2v6Jubilee Sharks
Jubilee Sharks7v1Pit Pony
Triangle Squares5v3Millstone Mafia
Cale Wildcats7v1Jubilee Jets
Hinge Blackbelts3v5Garswood Giants
Village Vikings7v1Hinge Helmets
Fleece Gypsys4v4Dover Lock Warriors
Commercial (was Kings)3v5Kess Krazies
Bath Berserkers4v4Commercial (was Kings)
Hinge Helmets5v3Fleece Gypsys
Triangle Cowboys5v3Cale Wildcats
Jubilee Jets3v5Village Vikings
Pit Pony1v7Triangle Squares
Kess Krazies1v7Jubilee Sharks
Commercial (was Kings)2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Jubilee Jets5v3Garswood Giants
Millstone Mafia3v5Village Vikings
Pit Pony3v5Cale Wildcats
Hinge Helmets5v3Dover Lock Warriors
Triangle Cowboys4v4Fleece Gypsys
Commercial (was Kings)8v0Eagle & Child
Jubilee Sharks8v0Eagle & Child
Triangle Squares8v0Eagle & Child
Fleece Gypsys4v4Millstone Mafia
Garswood Giants4v4Triangle Cowboys
Dover Lock Warriors4v4Jubilee Jets
Hinge Blackbelts5v3Hinge Helmets
Cale Wildcats3v5Kess Krazies
Village Vikings5v3Pit Pony
Jubilee Sharks8v0Commercial (was Kings)
Village Vikings5v3Kess Krazies
Jubilee Sharks5v3Hinge Blackbelts
Hinge Helmets5v3Jubilee Jets
Garswood Giants5v3Millstone Mafia
Dover Lock Warriors5v3Triangle Cowboys
Triangle Squares7v1Commercial (was Kings)
Fleece Gypsys7v1Pit Pony
Cale Wildcats7v1Bath Berserkers
Pit Pony2v6Garswood Giants
Hinge Blackbelts5v3Jubilee Jets
Bath Berserkers3v5Village Vikings
Triangle Cowboys5v3Hinge Helmets
Millstone Mafia3v5Dover Lock Warriors
Kess Krazies4v4Fleece Gypsys
Fleece Gypsys6v2Bath Berserkers
Kess Krazies5v3Garswood Giants
Dover Lock Warriors6v2Pit Pony
Jubilee Jets1v7Triangle Cowboys
Hinge Helmets5v3Millstone Mafia
Triangle Squares4v4Hinge Blackbelts
Cale Wildcats6v2Commercial (was Kings)
Jubilee Jets4v4Millstone Mafia
Bath Berserkers2v6Garswood Giants
Triangle Cowboys5v3Hinge Blackbelts
Triangle Squares4v4Fleece Gypsys
Pit Pony2v6Hinge Helmets
Kess Krazies4v4Dover Lock Warriors
Commercial (was Kings)2v6Village Vikings
Jubilee Sharks7v1Cale Wildcats
Eagle & Child0v8Fleece Gypsys
Eagle & Child0v8Dover Lock Warriors
Eagle & Child0v8Hinge Blackbelts
Jubilee Jets5v3Pit Pony
Dover Lock Warriors5v3Bath Berserkers
Fleece Gypsys5v3Commercial (was Kings)
Cale Wildcats4v4Triangle Squares
Village Vikings2v6Jubilee Sharks
Hinge Helmets6v2Kess Krazies
Triangle Cowboys6v2Millstone Mafia
Eagle & Child0v8Cale Wildcats
Jubilee Sharks6v2Fleece Gypsys
Triangle Squares5v3Village Vikings
Pit Pony2v6Triangle Cowboys
Hinge Blackbelts5v3Millstone Mafia
Kess Krazies4v4Jubilee Jets
Commercial (was Kings)4v4Garswood Giants
Bath Berserkers4v4Hinge Helmets
Jubilee Jets5v3Bath Berserkers
Dover Lock Warriors4v4Commercial (was Kings)
Garswood Giants3v5Jubilee Sharks
Triangle Cowboys7v1Kess Krazies
Millstone Mafia7v1Pit Pony
Village Vikings6v2Eagle & Child
Cale Wildcats3v5Hinge Blackbelts
Hinge Helmets0v8Jubilee Sharks
Cale Wildcats2v6Village Vikings
Hinge Blackbelts6v2Pit Pony
Triangle Squares4v4Garswood Giants
Jubilee Sharks6v2Dover Lock Warriors
Kess Krazies1v7Millstone Mafia
Bath Berserkers3v5Triangle Cowboys
Fleece Gypsys4v4Cale Wildcats
Dover Lock Warriors4v4Triangle Squares
Pit Pony4v4Kess Krazies
Jubilee Jets6v2Commercial (was Kings)
Millstone Mafia7v1Bath Berserkers
Garswood Giants8v0Eagle & Child
Village Vikings1v7Fleece Gypsys
Bath Berserkers4v4Pit Pony
Commercial (was Kings)4v4Triangle Cowboys
Hinge Blackbelts5v3Kess Krazies
Jubilee Sharks5v3Jubilee Jets
Cale Wildcats6v2Garswood Giants
Triangle Squares6v2Hinge Helmets
Millstone Mafia6v2Commercial (was Kings)
Triangle Cowboys6v2Jubilee Sharks
Fleece Gypsys5v3Hinge Blackbelts
Dover Lock Warriors5v3Cale Wildcats
Kess Krazies5v3Bath Berserkers
Garswood Giants4v4Village Vikings
Jubilee Jets4v4Triangle Squares
Hinge Helmets2v6Eagle & Child
Fleece Gypsys6v2Garswood Giants
Jubilee Sharks6v2Millstone Mafia
Hinge Blackbelts5v3Bath Berserkers
Village Vikings5v3Dover Lock Warriors
Eagle & Child5v3Jubilee Jets
Cale Wildcats3v5Hinge Helmets
Commercial (was Kings)2v6Pit Pony
Triangle Squares2v6Triangle Cowboys
Triangle Cowboys8v0Eagle & Child
Garswood Giants5v3Hinge Blackbelts
Kess Krazies5v3Commercial (was Kings)
Dover Lock Warriors4v4Fleece Gypsys
Pit Pony4v4Jubilee Sharks
Millstone Mafia2v6Triangle Squares
Jubilee Jets2v6Cale Wildcats
Hinge Helmets2v6Village Vikings
Garswood Giants5v3Dover Lock Warriors
Eagle & Child3v5Millstone Mafia
Cale Wildcats4v4Triangle Cowboys
Fleece Gypsys5v3Hinge Helmets
Commercial (was Kings)6v2Bath Berserkers
Jubilee Sharks6v2Kess Krazies
Village Vikings6v2Jubilee Jets
Triangle Squares7v1Pit Pony
Triangle Cowboys6v2Village Vikings
Kess Krazies4v4Triangle Squares
Pit Pony2v6Eagle & Child
Millstone Mafia2v6Cale Wildcats
Dover Lock Warriors2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Jubilee Jets2v6Fleece Gypsys
Bath Berserkers2v6Jubilee Sharks
Triangle Squares6v2Bath Berserkers
Cale Wildcats6v2Pit Pony
Village Vikings6v2Millstone Mafia
Garswood Giants5v3Jubilee Jets
Dover Lock Warriors5v3Hinge Helmets
Eagle & Child4v4Kess Krazies
Fleece Gypsys3v5Triangle Cowboys
Commercial (was Kings)0v8Jubilee Sharks
Kess Krazies1v7Cale Wildcats
Triangle Cowboys6v2Garswood Giants
Bath Berserkers4v4Eagle & Child
Pit Pony4v4Village Vikings
Millstone Mafia4v4Fleece Gypsys
Jubilee Jets4v4Dover Lock Warriors

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