Ashton and District Pool League 2015/16

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Jubilee Sharks 3024421776311476
2Triangle Squares 302433165759075
3Hinge Blackbelts 302343154866873
4Triangle Cowboys 301983154866865
5Triangle Gypsy's 3016591311092253
6Cale Wildcats 30119101281121642
7Garswood Giants 3012513121119241
8Millstone Mafia 30101010117123-640
9Village Vikings 3010416116124-834
10Kess's Krazies 3081012102138-3634
11Dover Lock Warriors 30951696144-4832
12Jubilee Jets 308319101139-3827
13Eston's 306816101139-3826
14Bath Berserkers 30751897143-4626
15Pit Pony 30471986154-6819
16Hinge Helmets 30322574166-9211

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Village Vikings 5v3Cale Wildcats
Dover Lock Warriors 1v7Garswood Giants
Jubilee Jets 1v7Triangle Cowboys
Triangle Squares 2v6Jubilee Sharks
Bath Berserkers 3v5Kess's Krazies
Pit Pony 5v3Hinge Helmets
Millstone Mafia 5v3Eston's
Hinge Blackbelts 6v2Triangle Gypsy's
Kess's Krazies 1v7Triangle Squares
Cale Wildcats 3v5Millstone Mafia
Eston's 3v5Bath Berserkers
Jubilee Sharks 4v4Hinge Blackbelts
Garswood Giants 5v3Village Vikings
Hinge Helmets 5v3Jubilee Jets
Triangle Cowboys 6v2Dover Lock Warriors
Triangle Gypsy's 7v1Pit Pony
Triangle Squares 5v3Hinge Blackbelts
Hinge Helmets 2v6Triangle Gypsy's
Garswood Giants 6v2Pit Pony
Jubilee Jets 1v7Triangle Gypsy's
Pit Pony 1v7Jubilee Sharks
Garswood Giants 2v6Cale Wildcats
Village Vikings 2v6Triangle Cowboys
Millstone Mafia 4v4Bath Berserkers
Hinge Blackbelts 5v3Kess's Krazies
Triangle Squares 6v2Eston's
Dover Lock Warriors 8v0Hinge Helmets
Jubilee Jets 3v5Eston's
Bath Berserkers 1v7Triangle Squares
Hinge Helmets 1v7Village Vikings
Kess's Krazies 4v4Pit Pony
Eston's 4v4Hinge Blackbelts
Millstone Mafia 6v2Garswood Giants
Triangle Cowboys 6v2Cale Wildcats
Triangle Gypsy's 6v2Dover Lock Warriors
Jubilee Sharks 6v2Jubilee Jets
Triangle Cowboys 5v3Village Vikings
Dover Lock Warriors 0v8Jubilee Sharks
Garswood Giants 4v4Triangle Cowboys
Village Vikings 4v4Triangle Gypsy's
Cale Wildcats 5v3Hinge Helmets
Pit Pony 5v3Eston's
Triangle Squares 6v2Millstone Mafia
Hinge Blackbelts 6v2Bath Berserkers
Jubilee Jets 6v2Kess's Krazies
Hinge Helmets 1v7Garswood Giants
Triangle Squares 3v5Hinge Blackbelts
Bath Berserkers 4v4Pit Pony
Kess's Krazies 4v4Dover Lock Warriors
Triangle Gypsy's 6v2Cale Wildcats
Jubilee Sharks 6v2Village Vikings
Millstone Mafia 7v1Triangle Cowboys
Triangle Cowboys 7v1Hinge Helmets
Hinge Blackbelts 6v2Millstone Mafia
Garswood Giants 5v3Triangle Gypsy's
Jubilee Jets 4v4Bath Berserkers
Pit Pony 3v5Triangle Squares
Cale Wildcats 3v5Jubilee Sharks
Village Vikings 3v5Kess's Krazies
Dover Lock Warriors 2v6Eston's
Bath Berserkers 3v5Dover Lock Warriors
Triangle Gypsy's 4v4Triangle Cowboys
Kess's Krazies 4v4Cale Wildcats
Eston's 4v4Village Vikings
Millstone Mafia 6v2Hinge Helmets
Triangle Squares 6v2Jubilee Jets
Hinge Blackbelts 7v1Pit Pony
Jubilee Sharks 7v1Garswood Giants
Jubilee Jets 2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Hinge Helmets 3v5Triangle Gypsy's
Triangle Cowboys 4v4Jubilee Sharks
Garswood Giants 4v4Kess's Krazies
Village Vikings 5v3Bath Berserkers
Millstone Mafia 7v1Pit Pony
Cale Wildcats 6v2Eston's
Dover Lock Warriors 1v7Triangle Squares
Bath Berserkers 3v5Cale Wildcats
Pit Pony 4v4Jubilee Jets
Kess's Krazies 4v4Triangle Cowboys
Triangle Squares 5v3Village Vikings
Triangle Gypsy's 5v3Millstone Mafia
Eston's 5v3Garswood Giants
Hinge Blackbelts 6v2Dover Lock Warriors
Jubilee Sharks 7v1Hinge Helmets
Garswood Giants 6v2Bath Berserkers
Dover Lock Warriors 5v3Pit Pony
Triangle Gypsy's 5v3Jubilee Sharks
Triangle Cowboys 4v4Eston's
Jubilee Jets 3v5Millstone Mafia
Hinge Helmets 3v5Kess's Krazies
Cale Wildcats 2v6Triangle Squares
Village Vikings 2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Triangle Squares 5v3Garswood Giants
Eston's 5v3Hinge Helmets
Pit Pony 3v5Village Vikings
Jubilee Jets 3v5Dover Lock Warriors
Bath Berserkers 0v8Triangle Cowboys
Hinge Blackbelts 1v7Cale Wildcats
Millstone Mafia 1v7Jubilee Sharks
Kess's Krazies 1v7Triangle Gypsy's
Garswood Giants 3v5Hinge Blackbelts
Hinge Helmets 6v2Bath Berserkers
Village Vikings 6v2Jubilee Jets
Jubilee Sharks 6v2Kess's Krazies
Triangle Gypsy's 6v2Eston's
Dover Lock Warriors 4v4Millstone Mafia
Triangle Cowboys 4v4Triangle Squares
Cale Wildcats 4v4Pit Pony
Pit Pony 4v4Cale Wildcats
Jubilee Jets 1v7Cale Wildcats
Pit Pony 1v7Garswood Giants
Bath Berserkers 3v5Triangle Gypsy's
Dover Lock Warriors 3v5Village Vikings
Eston's 3v5Jubilee Sharks
Hinge Blackbelts 5v3Triangle Cowboys
Triangle Squares 6v2Hinge Helmets
Millstone Mafia 7v1Kess's Krazies
Eston's 4v4Millstone Mafia
Triangle Gypsy's 1v7Triangle Squares
Hinge Helmets 2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Garswood Giants 3v5Jubilee Jets
Village Vikings 4v4Millstone Mafia
Kess's Krazies 5v3Eston's
Triangle Cowboys 5v3Pit Pony
Cale Wildcats 6v2Dover Lock Warriors
Jubilee Sharks 6v2Bath Berserkers
Hinge Helmets 2v6Pit Pony
Triangle Gypsy's 2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Garswood Giants 3v5Dover Lock Warriors
Cale Wildcats 4v4Village Vikings
Jubilee Sharks 4v4Triangle Squares
Kess's Krazies 4v4Bath Berserkers
Triangle Cowboys 5v3Jubilee Jets
Garswood Giants 8v0Triangle Gypsy's
Dover Lock Warriors 1v7Triangle Cowboys
Pit Pony 2v6Triangle Gypsy's
Village Vikings 3v5Garswood Giants
Millstone Mafia 4v4Cale Wildcats
Hinge Blackbelts 4v4Jubilee Sharks
Bath Berserkers 5v3Eston's
Jubilee Jets 6v2Hinge Helmets
Triangle Squares 8v0Kess's Krazies
Kess's Krazies 2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Bath Berserkers 4v4Millstone Mafia
Cale Wildcats 4v4Garswood Giants
Eston's 4v4Triangle Squares
Triangle Gypsy's 5v3Jubilee Jets
Hinge Helmets 6v2Dover Lock Warriors
Jubilee Sharks 7v1Pit Pony
Triangle Squares 6v2Bath Berserkers
Village Vikings 6v2Hinge Helmets
Hinge Blackbelts 6v2Eston's
Garswood Giants 4v4Millstone Mafia
Cale Wildcats 4v4Triangle Cowboys
Pit Pony 3v5Kess's Krazies
Dover Lock Warriors 2v6Triangle Gypsy's
Jubilee Jets 2v6Jubilee Sharks
Millstone Mafia 1v7Triangle Squares
Bath Berserkers 2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Hinge Helmets 4v4Cale Wildcats
Eston's 4v4Pit Pony
Kess's Krazies 5v3Jubilee Jets
Triangle Cowboys 6v2Garswood Giants
Jubilee Sharks 7v1Dover Lock Warriors
Triangle Gypsy's 7v1Village Vikings
Village Vikings 2v6Jubilee Sharks
Pit Pony 3v5Bath Berserkers
Dover Lock Warriors 4v4Kess's Krazies
Garswood Giants 6v2Hinge Helmets
Cale Wildcats 6v2Triangle Gypsy's
Jubilee Jets 6v2Eston's
Triangle Cowboys 7v1Millstone Mafia
Hinge Helmets 2v6Triangle Cowboys
Bath Berserkers 3v5Jubilee Jets
Eston's 3v5Dover Lock Warriors
Millstone Mafia 4v4Hinge Blackbelts
Kess's Krazies 5v3Village Vikings
Jubilee Sharks 6v2Cale Wildcats
Triangle Squares 7v1Pit Pony
Garswood Giants 0v8Jubilee Sharks
Pit Pony 2v6Hinge Blackbelts
Hinge Helmets 2v6Millstone Mafia
Jubilee Jets 3v5Triangle Squares
Triangle Cowboys 4v4Triangle Gypsy's
Dover Lock Warriors 5v3Bath Berserkers
Cale Wildcats 6v2Kess's Krazies
Village Vikings 6v2Eston's
Eston's 1v7Cale Wildcats
Kess's Krazies 3v5Garswood Giants
Pit Pony 5v3Millstone Mafia
Hinge Blackbelts 5v3Jubilee Jets
Bath Berserkers 5v3Village Vikings
Triangle Squares 7v1Dover Lock Warriors
Jubilee Sharks 7v1Triangle Cowboys
Triangle Cowboys 6v2Kess's Krazies
Jubilee Jets 5v3Pit Pony
Cale Wildcats 3v5Bath Berserkers
Dover Lock Warriors 3v5Hinge Blackbelts
Village Vikings 3v5Triangle Squares
Millstone Mafia 2v6Triangle Gypsy's
Hinge Helmets 2v6Jubilee Sharks
Garswood Giants 4v4Eston's
Jubilee Sharks 6v2Triangle Gypsy's
Triangle Squares 5v3Cale Wildcats
Millstone Mafia 5v3Jubilee Jets
Hinge Blackbelts 5v3Village Vikings
Pit Pony 4v4Dover Lock Warriors
Kess's Krazies 4v4Hinge Helmets
Eston's 3v5Triangle Cowboys
Bath Berserkers 2v6Garswood Giants
Pit Pony 1v7Triangle Cowboys
Triangle Cowboys 5v3Hinge Blackbelts
Bath Berserkers 1v7Jubilee Sharks
Millstone Mafia 1v7Village Vikings
Dover Lock Warriors 3v5Cale Wildcats
Jubilee Jets 5v3Garswood Giants
Hinge Blackbelts 5v3Hinge Helmets
Eston's 5v3Kess's Krazies
Triangle Squares 7v1Triangle Gypsy's
Hinge Helmets 1v7Triangle Squares
Triangle Gypsy's 3v5Bath Berserkers
Village Vikings 3v5Dover Lock Warriors
Cale Wildcats 4v4Jubilee Jets
Kess's Krazies 4v4Millstone Mafia
Jubilee Sharks 7v1Eston's
Triangle Squares 0v8Triangle Cowboys
Millstone Mafia 4v4Dover Lock Warriors
Eston's 4v4Triangle Gypsy's
Jubilee Jets 5v3Village Vikings
Kess's Krazies 5v3Jubilee Sharks
Hinge Blackbelts 7v1Garswood Giants
Bath Berserkers 7v1Hinge Helmets
Garswood Giants 2v6Triangle Squares
Cale Wildcats 3v5Hinge Blackbelts
Hinge Helmets 3v5Eston's
Triangle Gypsy's 4v4Kess's Krazies
Triangle Cowboys 5v3Bath Berserkers
Dover Lock Warriors 5v3Jubilee Jets
Village Vikings 6v2Pit Pony
Jubilee Sharks 6v2Millstone Mafia

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