Ashton & District Blackball Summer League (GROUP B)

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bath Berserkers532029111811
2Garswood Giants52302713149
4Dover Lock Donkeys5131231766
5Millstone Mafia51221723-65
6Jubilee Sharks 5005040-400

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Millstone Mafia4v4Commercial
Bath Berserkers8v0Jubilee Sharks
Dover Lock Donkeys4v4Garswood Giants
Jubilee Sharks 0v8Dover Lock Donkeys
Jubilee Sharks 0v8Millstone Mafia
Commercial8v0Jubilee Sharks
Garswood Giants8v0Jubilee Sharks
Garswood Giants4v4Commercial
Dover Lock Donkeys3v5Bath Berserkers
Garswood Giants4v4Bath Berserkers
Millstone Mafia4v4Dover Lock Donkeys
Bath Berserkers8v0Millstone Mafia
Dover Lock Donkeys4v4Commercial
Commercial4v4Bath Berserkers
Millstone Mafia1v7Garswood Giants

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