Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Killie Athletic 541048133513
2Kilmarnock Supporters Club 54102872113
3Station Bar 43011415-19
4Glencairn Thistle 53021422-89
5Elms AFC 53021827-99
6Irvine No.1 CSC 42111418-47
7Irvine Victoria 320113946
8Kilbirnie United 72052224-26
9Dalry Tartan 310214863
10Saltcoats Amateurs 4103814-63
11Springside Thistle 3012820-121
12AFC Whitehist 6006630-240

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Kilbirnie United 2v4Glencairn Thistle
Kilbirnie United 2v4Glencairn Thistle
Elms AFC 4v14Killie Athletic
Irvine No.1 CSC 5v3AFC Whitehist
Saltcoats Amateurs 3v6Irvine Victoria
Kilmarnock Supporters Club 9v0Springside Thistle
Glencairn Thistle 4v3Dalry Tartan
Killie Athletic 10v0Station Bar
AFC Whitehist 1v4Kilbirnie United
Saltcoats Amateurs 1v2Elms AFC
Kilmarnock Supporters Club 5v4Kilbirnie United
Killie Athletic 10v3Irvine No.1 CSC
AFC Whitehist 1v3Saltcoats Amateurs
AFC Whitehist 1v2Station Bar
Irvine No.1 CSC 2v2Kilmarnock Supporters Club
Elms AFC 6v3Springside Thistle
Kilbirnie United 4v1Dalry Tartan
Glencairn Thistle 1v9Killie Athletic
Kilmarnock Supporters Club 6v0AFC Whitehist
Station Bar 7v3Elms AFC
Kilbirnie United 3v5Irvine Victoria
Glencairn Thistle 1v6Kilmarnock Supporters Club
Killie Athletic 5v5Springside Thistle
Irvine No.1 CSC 4v3Kilbirnie United
Saltcoats Amateurs 1v5Station Bar
Irvine Victoria 2v3Elms AFC
AFC Whitehist 0v10Dalry Tartan

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