Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Manchester United 1411302962336
2Chelsea 1411123472734
3Manchester city 14101336132331
4Arsenal 148422391428
5Liverpool 1484221101128
6Tottenham 1475229131626
7Everton 146441413122
8Middlesbrough 145451220-819
9Aston villa 144461517-216
10Southampton 144461416-216
11Leicester city 144461420-616
12Burnley 14437918-915
13Sunderland 143561724-714
14Crystal palace 142751925-613
15Bournemouth 143471225-1313
16West Brom 14338917-812
17Stoke city 143381022-1212
18Swansea city 143381529-1412
19West ham 142571127-1611
20Watford 14239921-129

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Middlesbrough 1v0Aston villa
Everton 1v1Manchester United
Bournemouth 0v2Liverpool
West ham 0v3Arsenal
West Brom 0v1Watford
Tottenham 3v1Swansea city
Sunderland 1v1Leicester city
Stoke city 1v2Burnley
Manchester city 0v2Chelsea
Crystal palace 1v1Southampton
Watford 0v1Stoke city
Southampton 0v1Everton
Manchester United 3v0West ham
Arsenal 2v0Bournemouth
Swansea city 2v4Crystal palace
Liverpool 1v0Sunderland
Leicester city 5v1Middlesbrough
Aston villa 2v0West Brom
Chelsea 2v1Tottenham
Burnley 1v0Manchester city
West Brom 4v0Burnley
Middlesbrough 0v4Chelsea
Watford 0v1Leicester city
Tottenham 2v1West ham
Sunderland 2v0Aston villa
Stoke city 0v1Bournemouth
Southampton 0v3Liverpool
Manchester United 2v0Arsenal
Everton 3v1Swansea city
Crystal palace 0v2Manchester city
Leicester city 0v1West Brom
Swansea city 0v5Manchester United
Liverpool 2v0Watford
Aston villa 0v1Southampton
Arsenal 1v1Tottenham
Chelsea 3v0Everton
West ham 0v0Stoke city
Manchester city 0v2Middlesbrough
Burnley 1v2Crystal palace
Bournemouth 2v2Sunderland
Stoke city 2v1Swansea city
Southampton 1v1Chelsea
Everton 1v0West ham
Crystal palace 2v3Liverpool
West Brom 0v4Manchester city
Watford 1v2Aston villa
Tottenham 4v1Leicester city
Middlesbrough 2v0Bournemouth
Manchester United 1v1Burnley
Sunderland 1v6Arsenal
Chelsea 0v1Manchester United
Manchester city 2v1Southampton
Liverpool 3v1West Brom
West ham 1v1Sunderland
Swansea city 1v0Watford
Leicester city 2v1Crystal palace
Aston villa 1v1Stoke city
Burnley 1v0Everton
Arsenal 0v0Middlesbrough
Bournemouth 1v1Tottenham
Liverpool 1v2Manchester United
Southampton 2v0Burnley
Middlesbrough 0v1Watford
Crystal palace 2v2West ham
West Brom 1v1Tottenham
Stoke city 2v1Sunderland
Manchester city 3v1Everton
Bournemouth 0v4Aston villa
Arsenal 0v2Swansea city
Chelsea 5v0Leicester city
Burnley 0v1Arsenal
Tottenham 0v1Manchester city
Leicester city 0v1Southampton
Manchester United 3v0Stoke city
West ham 1v1Middlesbrough
Watford 2v2Bournemouth
Sunderland 2v0West Brom
Aston villa 2v4Chelsea
Swansea city 2v2Liverpool
Everton 0v0Crystal palace
Burnley 2v0Watford
West ham 0v3Southampton
Arsenal 1v0Chelsea
Swansea city 2v4Manchester city
Sunderland 3v1Crystal palace
Stoke city 0v1West Brom
Middlesbrough 0v3Tottenham
Liverpool 0v0Aston villa
Bournemouth 2v0Everton
Manchester United 2v0Leicester city
Tottenham 3v1Sunderland
Southampton 0v1Swansea city
Crystal palace 2v2Stoke city
Watford 0v1Manchester United
Everton 3v0Middlesbrough
West Brom 1v2West ham
Manchester city 5v1Bournemouth
Leicester city 0v0Burnley
Aston villa 1v3Arsenal
Chelsea 3v0Liverpool
Sunderland 0v1Everton
Swansea city 0v2Chelsea
Liverpool 2v0Leicester city
West ham 2v2Watford
Stoke city 0v4Tottenham
Middlesbrough 2v2Crystal palace
Burnley 0v1Aston villa
Bournemouth 1v0West Brom
Arsenal 2v1Southampton
Manchester United 1v1Manchester city
Manchester city 6v0West ham
West Brom 0v1Middlesbrough
Aston villa 0v2Manchester United
Watford 0v3Arsenal
Southampton 1v1Sunderland
Leicester city 2v0Swansea city
Everton 1v0Stoke city
Crystal palace 1v1Bournemouth
Chelsea 3v0Burnley
Tottenham 0v0Liverpool
West ham 2v0Bournemouth
Sunderland 1v1Middlesbrough
Leicester city 1v1Arsenal
West Brom 0v0Everton
Watford 1v3Chelsea
Tottenham 4v1Crystal palace
Swansea city 1v1Aston villa
Burnley 0v2Liverpool
Stoke city 1v4Manchester city
Manchester United 3v1Southampton
Chelsea 2v0West ham
Arsenal 0v0Liverpool
Bournemouth 1v2Manchester United
Manchester city 4v1Sunderland
Southampton 1v1Watford
Middlesbrough 1v0Stoke city
Everton 2v2Tottenham
Crystal palace 0v0West Brom
Burnley 1v1Swansea city
Aston villa 1v1Leicester city

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