ARLC Division 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Crazy Numbers1100122101
2Red Rocket11009181
3Team Wyzzzzard110010461
4Team Rocket Football Club11009361
5Team Kamikaze Kerbals11005141
6Team Hobo11003031
7Team SpaceGoo!00000000
8Team We're OK (WOK)00000000
9Team Pastabilities00000000
10Team Bongo00000000
12Team Flappythighs100115-40
13Team Hydyne1001410-60
14Mousetrap FC100139-60
15Team K'BAM100119-80

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Team Hobo3v0BBS
Team Rocket Football Club9v3Mousetrap FC
Team Hydyne4v10Team Wyzzzzard
Red Rocket9v1Team K'BAM
Crazy Numbers12v2Tequileros
Team Kamikaze Kerbals5v1Team Flappythighs

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