Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Racing Club18114363293437
2River Plate1892748291929
3Rosario Central1685342231929
4Unión Santa Fe188372426-227
5San Lorenzo168172923625
6Boca Juniors1666439281124
10Newell's Old Boys160313680-743

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Independiente2v2Boca Juniors
Banfield0v0Rosario Central
Boca Juniors3v2Independiente
Rosario Central1v1Banfield
River Plate1v2Boca Juniors
Boca Juniors2v3River Plate
San Lorenzo5v1Newell's Old Boys
Newell's Old Boys0v3San Lorenzo
Banfield0v1San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo3v1Banfield
River Plate2v0San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo0v2River Plate
Independiente2v2Rosario Central
Rosario Central1v1Independiente
Banfield3v2Boca Juniors
Boca Juniors0v1Banfield
Boca Juniors2v2San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo2v3Boca Juniors
River Plate2v1Banfield
Banfield3v2River Plate
Estudiantes0v1Rosario Central
Rosario Central3v2Estudiantes
Boca Juniors2v2Estudiantes
Estudiantes0v5Boca Juniors
Estudiantes1v1Newell's Old Boys
Newell's Old Boys0v0Estudiantes
River Plate2v3Estudiantes
Estudiantes1v2River Plate
Estudiantes3v2San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo2v1Estudiantes
Banfield0v1Unión Santa Fe
Unión Santa Fe0v1Banfield
Independiente2v1Unión Santa Fe
Unión Santa Fe0v0Independiente
River Plate0v0Independiente
Independiente1v3River Plate
River Plate9v1Newell's Old Boys
Newell's Old Boys0v9River Plate
Newell's Old Boys0v5Independiente
Independiente3v0Newell's Old Boys
Newell's Old Boys0v5Rosario Central
Racing Club4v2Rosario Central
Rosario Central3v3Racing Club
Rosario Central9v0Newell's Old Boys
Rosario Central2v1River Plate
River Plate5v1Rosario Central
Racing Club1v3Boca Juniors
Boca Juniors3v3Racing Club
Banfield1v3Racing Club
Unión Santa Fe4v1River Plate
River Plate1v1Unión Santa Fe
River Plate3v5Racing Club
Racing Club2v0River Plate
Boca Juniors5v0Newell's Old Boys
Newell's Old Boys3v3Boca Juniors
Unión Santa Fe2v1Boca Juniors
Boca Juniors1v1Unión Santa Fe
Newell's Old Boys0v13Racing Club
Racing Club7v0Newell's Old Boys
Rosario Central5v0Unión Santa Fe
Unión Santa Fe1v5Rosario Central
Unión Santa Fe4v1Estudiantes
Estudiantes1v3Unión Santa Fe
Racing Club2v1Independiente
Independiente3v2Racing Club
Racing Club2v3San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo2v3Racing Club
Unión Santa Fe0v1San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo0v1Unión Santa Fe
Rosario Central0v2San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo1v2Rosario Central
Estudiantes3v3Racing Club
Racing Club0v0Estudiantes
Racing Club4v0Banfield
Racing Club5v2Unión Santa Fe
Unión Santa Fe0v1Racing Club
Unión Santa Fe2v0Newell's Old Boys
Newell's Old Boys0v1Unión Santa Fe

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