Aragon's Champions League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Carmelita FC65011761115
2Progresso FC531184410
3Sinbad FC63031317-49
4United Ballers52129727
5Palmar FC52031014-46
6Progresso United512289-15
7San Felipe 6024513-82
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Progresso United0v1Sinbad FC
Palmar FC1v0San Felipe
Carmelita FC1v0United Ballers
Palmar FC4v5Sinbad FC
Progresso FC1v3United Ballers
Carmelita FC0v1Progresso FC
San Felipe 2v3Sinbad FC
Progresso United4v3Palmar FC
San Felipe 1v1United Ballers
Carmelita FC3v1Sinbad FC
Carmelita FC3v2Progresso United
Palmar FC1v0United Ballers
Progresso FC2v0San Felipe
Carmelita FC5v1San Felipe
Progresso United1v1Progresso FC
Sinbad FC3v5United Ballers
Progresso United1v1San Felipe
Carmelita FC5v1Palmar FC
Progresso FC3v0Sinbad FC

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