APL 2019

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Friane Fujas11003123
2Gefle Intel11004313
3Testarose Liava11003213
4Inter Duna FC11001013
5Cliratice Diafald10102201
6Blaubull HCJ10102201
7Thunder-Condor FC10101101
8Duna Antigua10101101
9Vlimore Athletica100134-10
10National Antigua100123-10
11Irafoul HCJ100101-10
12HXJ Effball100113-20

Viewed 3 times

Irafoul HCJ0v1Inter Duna FC
Cliratice Diafald2v2Blaubull HCJ
Testarose Liava3v2National Antigua
Thunder-Condor FC1v1Duna Antigua
Gefle Intel4v3Vlimore Athletica
Friane Fujas3v1HXJ Effball

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