APL 2018

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Cliratice Diafald85121910916
2Friane Fujas8431137615
3Thunder-Condor FC84311410415
4Gefle Intel8422109114
5Testarose Liava8341148613
6HXJ Effball83321414012
7National Antigua8233121119
8Duna Antigua82339909
9Irafoul HCJ81617709
10Vlimore Athletica8134815-76
11Blaubull HCJ8125922-135
12Cannel Footboll8116916-74

Viewed 28 times

Testarose Liava0v0Cliratice Diafald
Vlimore Athletica1v1Irafoul HCJ
National Antigua2v2HXJ Effball
Blaubull HCJ0v4Thunder-Condor FC
Friane Fujas1v0Cannel Footboll
Duna Antigua0v1Gefle Intel
Testarose Liava2v0Vlimore Athletica
Cliratice Diafald3v1National Antigua
Irafoul HCJ1v1Blaubull HCJ
HXJ Effball3v2Friane Fujas
Thunder-Condor FC4v2Duna Antigua
Gefle Intel3v2Cannel Footboll
National Antigua1v1Vlimore Athletica
Blaubull HCJ4v2Testarose Liava
Friane Fujas2v0Cliratice Diafald
Duna Antigua0v0Irafoul HCJ
Cannel Footboll0v2HXJ Effball
Thunder-Condor FC1v0Gefle Intel
National Antigua4v0Blaubull HCJ
Vlimore Athletica1v1Friane Fujas
Testarose Liava0v0Duna Antigua
Cliratice Diafald2v0Cannel Footboll
Irafoul HCJ0v0Thunder-Condor FC
Gefle Intel1v1HXJ Effball
Friane Fujas3v1Blaubull HCJ
Duna Antigua1v0National Antigua
Cannel Footboll4v0Vlimore Athletica
Thunder-Condor FC3v3Testarose Liava
HXJ Effball1v5Cliratice Diafald
Irafoul HCJ3v1Gefle Intel
Vlimore Athletica2v0HXJ Effball
Friane Fujas2v0Duna Antigua
Blaubull HCJ2v2Cannel Footboll
National Antigua4v0Thunder-Condor FC
Testarose Liava3v1Irafoul HCJ
Gefle Intel3v2Cliratice Diafald
Cannel Footboll1v5Duna Antigua
Thunder-Condor FC1v1Friane Fujas
HXJ Effball4v1Blaubull HCJ
Irafoul HCJ0v0National Antigua
Cliratice Diafald5v3Vlimore Athletica
Testarose Liava0v0Gefle Intel
Cannel Footboll0v1Thunder-Condor FC
Duna Antigua1v1HXJ Effball
Friane Fujas1v1Irafoul HCJ
Blaubull HCJ0v2Cliratice Diafald
National Antigua0v4Testarose Liava
Gefle Intel1v0Vlimore Athletica

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