Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1B Tech United 11006153
2Bu Dhabi11006243
3Amity Mafia11004043
4Nad Al Hamar FC11002023
6D 4 Shift11001013
7Amity Warriors11001013
8Theepori Blasters FC10101101
9NeyMessi XI10101101
10Team United100101-10
11Sons Of Pitches100101-10
12Gun Squad FC100101-10
13Spartans FC100102-20
14Street Patriots100126-40
15Oh yeah Dude100104-40

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Sons Of Pitches0v1Amity Warriors
Galactics1v0Gun Squad FC
Team United0v1D 4 Shift
Amity Mafia4v0Oh yeah Dude
Bu Dhabi6v2Street Patriots
B Tech United 6v1MBAites
NeyMessi XI1v1Theepori Blasters FC
Nad Al Hamar FC2v0Spartans FC

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