Antigua Premier

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gefle Intel18124243182540
2Friane Fujas18123339201939
3Cliratice Diafald18114336162037
4Duna Antigua18121540221837
5Blaubull HCJ188642317630
6National Antigua186842320326
7Cannel Footboll1871102831-322
8Testarose Liava184592436-1217
9Vlimore Athletica1852112542-1717
10Irafoul HCJ1844101733-1616
11HXJ Effball1843112038-1815
12Afra DKJ1813141641-256
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Blaubull HCJ3v0Testarose Liava
Gefle Intel3v1HXJ Effball
Irafoul HCJ1v0Cannel Footboll
Vlimore Athletica3v2Duna Antigua
Cliratice Diafald0v0Friane Fujas
Afra DKJ1v1National Antigua
Blaubull HCJ3v2Gefle Intel
Testarose Liava3v0Irafoul HCJ
HXJ Effball2v1Vlimore Athletica
Cannel Footboll0v2Cliratice Diafald
Duna Antigua3v1Afra DKJ
National Antigua1v5Friane Fujas
Vlimore Athletica0v0Blaubull HCJ
Irafoul HCJ1v2Gefle Intel
Cliratice Diafald5v1Testarose Liava
Afra DKJ1v2HXJ Effball
Friane Fujas0v4Cannel Footboll
Duna Antigua0v1National Antigua
Irafoul HCJ2v0Vlimore Athletica
Gefle Intel0v0Cliratice Diafald
Blaubull HCJ0v0Afra DKJ
Testarose Liava3v4Friane Fujas
HXJ Effball1v2Duna Antigua
National Antigua1v2Cannel Footboll
Cliratice Diafald5v1Vlimore Athletica
Afra DKJ1v1Irafoul HCJ
Friane Fujas3v1Gefle Intel
Duna Antigua3v1Blaubull HCJ
Cannel Footboll2v1Testarose Liava
HXJ Effball0v3National Antigua
Cliratice Diafald2v0Afra DKJ
Vlimore Athletica2v4Friane Fujas
Irafoul HCJ0v1Duna Antigua
Gefle Intel2v0Cannel Footboll
Blaubull HCJ4v2HXJ Effball
National Antigua3v3Testarose Liava
Friane Fujas4v3Afra DKJ
Duna Antigua1v2Cliratice Diafald
Cannel Footboll3v1Vlimore Athletica
HXJ Effball2v2Irafoul HCJ
Testarose Liava1v1Gefle Intel
Blaubull HCJ1v1National Antigua
Friane Fujas3v0Duna Antigua
Afra DKJ2v1Cannel Footboll
Cliratice Diafald4v2HXJ Effball
Vlimore Athletica1v5Testarose Liava
Irafoul HCJ0v2Blaubull HCJ
National Antigua1v1Gefle Intel
Cannel Footboll2v3Duna Antigua
HXJ Effball1v4Friane Fujas
Testarose Liava2v0Afra DKJ
Blaubull HCJ0v2Cliratice Diafald
Gefle Intel5v2Vlimore Athletica
Irafoul HCJ1v5National Antigua
Cannel Footboll3v1HXJ Effball
Duna Antigua5v1Testarose Liava
Friane Fujas0v1Blaubull HCJ
Afra DKJ0v4Gefle Intel
Cliratice Diafald2v1Irafoul HCJ
National Antigua1v1Vlimore Athletica
Testarose Liava0v0HXJ Effball
Blaubull HCJ2v0Cannel Footboll
Gefle Intel4v2Duna Antigua
Irafoul HCJ0v2Friane Fujas
Vlimore Athletica4v3Afra DKJ
Cliratice Diafald2v0National Antigua
Testarose Liava2v1Blaubull HCJ
HXJ Effball1v3Gefle Intel
Cannel Footboll6v3Irafoul HCJ
Duna Antigua3v1Vlimore Athletica
Friane Fujas1v1Cliratice Diafald
National Antigua1v0Afra DKJ
Gefle Intel0v0Blaubull HCJ
Irafoul HCJ0v0Testarose Liava
Vlimore Athletica0v2HXJ Effball
Cliratice Diafald5v1Cannel Footboll
Afra DKJ1v5Duna Antigua
Friane Fujas0v0National Antigua
Blaubull HCJ2v0Vlimore Athletica
Gefle Intel4v0Irafoul HCJ
Testarose Liava0v0Cliratice Diafald
HXJ Effball2v1Afra DKJ
Cannel Footboll0v1Friane Fujas
National Antigua0v2Duna Antigua
Vlimore Athletica2v0Irafoul HCJ
Cliratice Diafald0v4Gefle Intel
Afra DKJ2v3Blaubull HCJ
Friane Fujas4v0Testarose Liava
Duna Antigua2v0HXJ Effball
Cannel Footboll1v1National Antigua
Vlimore Athletica1v0Cliratice Diafald
Irafoul HCJ2v0Afra DKJ
Gefle Intel1v0Friane Fujas
Blaubull HCJ0v3Duna Antigua
Testarose Liava0v2Cannel Footboll
National Antigua2v0HXJ Effball
Afra DKJ0v3Cliratice Diafald
Friane Fujas3v2Vlimore Athletica
Duna Antigua0v0Irafoul HCJ
Cannel Footboll1v2Gefle Intel
HXJ Effball0v0Blaubull HCJ
Testarose Liava0v1National Antigua
Afra DKJ0v1Friane Fujas
Cliratice Diafald1v3Duna Antigua
Vlimore Athletica3v0Cannel Footboll
Irafoul HCJ3v1HXJ Effball
Gefle Intel4v2Testarose Liava
National Antigua0v0Blaubull HCJ

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