Anglesey junior U14s

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Llanfair Celtiad88005615524
2Holyhead Hotspur A76014083218
4Llangefni Town A6411178913
5CPD Amlwch84132323013
7Holyhead Hotspur B82061436-226
8Amlwch Juniors7106820-123
9Llanfair Llewod7106642-363
10Llangefni Town B8107655-493

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Llangefni Town B3v0Llanfair Llewod
Tynygongl6v2Amlwch Juniors
Llanfair Celtiad6v0Llangoed
Holyhead Hotspur B3v4CPD Amlwch
Llangoed2v3CPD Amlwch
Amlwch Juniors2v1Llangefni Town B
Llanfair Celtiad8v0Holyhead Hotspur B
Holyhead Hotspur A9v0Llanfair Llewod
Llangefni Town B0v10Llanfair Celtiad
Holyhead Hotspur B2v7Holyhead Hotspur A
CPD Amlwch0v0Llangefni Town A
CPD Amlwch8v1Llangefni Town B
Tynygongl10v0Llangefni Town B
Llangefni Town A2v0Holyhead Hotspur A
Llanfair Llewod1v5CPD Amlwch
Amlwch Juniors0v3Llanfair Celtiad
Llangoed5v0Holyhead Hotspur B
Tynygongl8v2Llanfair Llewod
Llangoed1v4Holyhead Hotspur A
Llangefni Town A2v1Amlwch Juniors
Holyhead Hotspur B1v7Llanfair Celtiad
Llangoed10v0Llangefni Town B
Llanfair Celtiad10v0Llanfair Llewod
Holyhead Hotspur A5v1CPD Amlwch
Amlwch Juniors0v3Tynygongl
Llangefni Town A4v1Holyhead Hotspur B
Tynygongl0v7Llanfair Celtiad
Llangefni Town B1v10Holyhead Hotspur A
Llanfair Llewod0v5Llangefni Town A
Holyhead Hotspur B2v1Amlwch Juniors
CPD Amlwch2v6Llangoed
Llangefni Town A4v6Llangoed
Llanfair Celtiad5v0CPD Amlwch
Holyhead Hotspur B5v0Llangefni Town B
Holyhead Hotspur A5v1Tynygongl
Amlwch Juniors2v3Llanfair Llewod

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