Anfield Sports & Community Centre Under 13’s

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Athletico Blues 54101531213
2Kirkby Youth54011961312
3FC Santos4301175129
4Northfield Youth420213946
5Mainliners 51221021-115
6Derby Juniors 51131017-74
7Northfield Black00000000
8Northfield FC6006730-230

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Athletico Blues 4v0Northfield FC
Kirkby Youth4v1Northfield Youth
FC Santos4v0Derby Juniors
Mainliners 5v2Northfield FC
Athletico Blues 5v1Derby Juniors
Derby Juniors 0v5Northfield Youth
FC Santos1v3Kirkby Youth
Northfield FC1v4Kirkby Youth
Athletico Blues 1v1Mainliners
Athletico Blues 3v1Northfield Youth
FC Santos4v1Northfield FC
Kirkby Youth8v1Mainliners
Mainliners 1v8FC Santos
Derby Juniors 7v1Northfield FC
Kirkby Youth0v2Athletico Blues
Northfield FC2v6Northfield Youth
Derby Juniors 2v2Mainliners

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