Anfield Mini League (Tuesday)

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1St Margaret's3210277207
2All Saints2200188106
5St Mathews31022026-63
6St Michaels10106601
8Anfield Juniors2011612-61
9Four Oaks2002616-100
10Florence Melly2002823-150

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Anfield Juniors4v4St Margaret's
Florence Melly1v15St Margaret's
OLI9v14St Mathews
All Saints8v2Anfield Juniors
St Michaels6v6OLI
St Mathews2v8St Margaret's
Four Oaks6v10All Saints
Four Oaks0v6Pinehurst
Pinehurst8v7Florence Melly
Whitefield9v4St Mathews

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