Altown U9's

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1River Juniors Porto65104544116
2North Park United650131171415
3River Juniors Oceana65012081215
5River Juniors Cruzeiro63122491510
6Marina Sands63032611159
7MHS Milan53022010109
8River Juniors Navio6204191546
9Quarry Green Galaxy62041536-216
10Boca Juniors Riquelme6105644-383
12AFC Cronus Titans5005049-490
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North Park United6v4Altown
Harradon2v3Boca Juniors Riquelme
AFC Cronus Titans0v9Quarry Green Galaxy
River Juniors Porto8v0River Juniors Navio
MHS Milan3v1River Juniors Cruzeiro
Marina Sands1v2River Juniors Oceana
North Park United10v0Harradon
Altown10v0AFC Cronus Titans
Boca Juniors Riquelme1v10River Juniors Porto
Quarry Green Galaxy0v9MHS Milan
River Juniors Navio1v2Marina Sands
River Juniors Oceana2v1River Juniors Cruzeiro
River Juniors Porto10v0North Park United
MHS Milan2v3Altown
Marina Sands10v0Boca Juniors Riquelme
River Juniors Cruzeiro9v1Quarry Green Galaxy
River Juniors Navio0v2River Juniors Oceana
AFC Cronus Titans0v10River Juniors Porto
North Park United3v2Marina Sands
Altown1v2River Juniors Cruzeiro
Boca Juniors Riquelme1v8River Juniors Navio
River Juniors Oceana8v1Quarry Green Galaxy
MHS Milan1v5River Juniors Porto
Marina Sands10v0AFC Cronus Titans
River Juniors Cruzeiro9v0Harradon
River Juniors Navio0v2North Park United
Quarry Green Galaxy0v10Altown
River Juniors Oceana4v0Boca Juniors Riquelme
MHS Milan5v1Marina Sands
River Juniors Porto2v2River Juniors Cruzeiro
Harradon0v4Quarry Green Galaxy
North Park United10v1Boca Juniors Riquelme
River Juniors Oceana2v5Altown
AFC Cronus Titans0v10River Juniors Navio

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