All Age Winter Comp

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gehrig's Team 860286444218
3Backheels 85035255-315
4All Stars 73046450149
5Multiple Scorgasms 72144761-147
6Magpies 51042043-233
7Lochinvar Rovers 3003746-390

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Multiple Scorgasms 4v8Gehrig's Team
Lochinvar Rovers 4v11WMB
All Stars 13v3Backheels
Multiple Scorgasms 6v6WMB
All Stars 20v0Lochinvar Rovers
Gehrig's Team 5v7Backheels
Multiple Scorgasms 15v3Lochinvar Rovers
Backheels 10v7WMB
Gehrig's Team 6v9All Stars
Backheels 5v3Magpies
Gehrig's Team 10v7WMB
Multiple Scorgasms 7v4Backheels
All Stars 8v13WMB
Gehrig's Team 15v5Magpies
Gehrig's Team 19v5Multiple Scorgasms
Backheels 8v4All Stars
Multiple Scorgasms 4v8WMB
Magpies 11v5All Stars
Gehrig's Team 11v6Backheels
Multiple Scorgasms 6v13WMB
All Stars 5v9Backheels
Gehrig's Team 12v1Magpies

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