All Age Monday

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1GURUS FC141301139607939
3Honey Badgers141004125735230
4Goal Diggers14824100792126
5Fruit Bowl1481594100-625
6Maitland Magpies1460880114-3418
7Toe Punt United1451892107-1516
8Multiple Scorgasms145096790-2315
9Kings Crew14201266135-696

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Bye0v3Kings Crew
Bye0v3Multiple Scorgasms
Bye0v3Toe Punt United
Bye0v3Fruit Bowl
Honey Badgers11v2Fruit Bowl
WMB3v0Kings Crew
WMB10v8Toe Punt United
Fruit Bowl5v4Multiple Scorgasms
Multiple Scorgasms7v8Maitland Magpies
Toe Punt United9v7Kings Crew
GURUS FC19v3Maitland Magpies
Goal Diggers11v6Toe Punt United
GURUS FC8v5Goal Diggers
Honey Badgers11v4Maitland Magpies
Goal Diggers10v0Multiple Scorgasms
Honey Badgers4v7WMB
Honey Badgers11v4Goal Diggers
GURUS FC22v7Kings Crew
Fruit Bowl3v11Maitland Magpies
Maitland Magpies3v0Bye
Multiple Scorgasms4v9WMB
Kings Crew1v11Honey Badgers
Fruit Bowl9v4Goal Diggers
Toe Punt United4v16GURUS FC
Goal Diggers4v4Fruit Bowl
Toe Punt United5v7GURUS FC
Toe Punt United3v0Bye
Maitland Magpies3v0Bye
Goal Diggers3v0Bye
Honey Badgers3v0Bye
Multiple Scorgasms3v0Bye
WMB6v3Honey Badgers
Multiple Scorgasms5v9Goal Diggers
Kings Crew2v12GURUS FC
Fruit Bowl8v5Maitland Magpies
WMB8v3Multiple Scorgasms
Honey Badgers7v4Kings Crew
Goal Diggers11v8Fruit Bowl
GURUS FC9v6Toe Punt United
Kings Crew3v7Multiple Scorgasms
Fruit Bowl9v7WMB
Toe Punt United10v4Honey Badgers
Maitland Magpies5v7Goal Diggers
WMB11v4Maitland Magpies
Honey Badgers9v8GURUS FC
Kings Crew9v8Fruit Bowl
Multiple Scorgasms4v11Toe Punt United
Toe Punt United8v11Fruit Bowl
Maitland Magpies8v6Kings Crew
Maitland Magpies8v3Multiple Scorgasms
Goal Diggers14v5Kings Crew
GURUS FC13v8Maitland Magpies
Goal Diggers7v7Toe Punt United
Honey Badgers7v10Fruit Bowl
WMB10v7Kings Crew
GURUS FC6v4Goal Diggers
Maitland Magpies5v19Honey Badgers
WMB11v5Toe Punt United
Multiple Scorgasms8v10Fruit Bowl
Multiple Scorgasms7v2WMB
Honey Badgers15v5Kings Crew
Honey Badgers10v7Toe Punt United
WMB11v4Fruit Bowl
Multiple Scorgasms9v7Kings Crew
Goal Diggers7v5Maitland Magpies

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