Alice 4's Mixed

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Scared Hitless88001918710432
2The Swingers86021441152924
3Connect Four84041401192116
4I'd Hit That8305141143-212
5MissBHaven with Mr Men820679172-938
6Late Comers8107104163-594

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Late Comers16v21Scared Hitless
MissBHaven with Mr Men10v17Connect Four
I'd Hit That18v13The Swingers
Scared Hitless22v12Connect Four
Connect Four12v18The Swingers
MissBHaven with Mr Men7v22The Swingers
Scared Hitless27v8I'd Hit That
Scared Hitless20v11The Swingers
Scared Hitless27v7MissBHaven with Mr Men
Late Comers9v17MissBHaven with Mr Men
MissBHaven with Mr Men7v28I'd Hit That
Connect Four22v16I'd Hit That
Late Comers14v17The Swingers
Late Comers18v17I'd Hit That
Late Comers12v20Connect Four
Late Comers11v23The Swingers
Late Comers17v20MissBHaven with Mr Men
Late Comers7v28Scared Hitless
Scared Hitless28v12I'd Hit That
Scared Hitless18v14Connect Four
MissBHaven with Mr Men6v23I'd Hit That
MissBHaven with Mr Men5v29Connect Four
I'd Hit That19v22The Swingers
Connect Four14v18The Swingers

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