Alice 4s Men's

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Wolf Pack7700159619828
2Sand People7502142717120
4Mr Men730494127-3312
5Yin &Yang7205103110-78

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Sand People19v7GVP
Mr Men15v10Yin &Yang
Panthers6v35Wolf Pack
Panthers12v21Mr Men
Wolf Pack23v9GVP
Sand People20v6Yin &Yang
Sand People31v11Panthers
GVP19v6Mr Men
Wolf Pack21v9Yin &Yang
Panthers11v30Mr Men
Panthers9v33Yin &Yang
Panthers7v28Sand People
Sand People11v14Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack17v9Sand People
Sand People24v9Mr Men
Mr Men3v30Wolf Pack
GVP15v13Yin &Yang
GVP21v10Mr Men
Wolf Pack19v14Yin &Yang
GVP11v18Yin &Yang

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