Alice 4's Ladies

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Biggie Smalls88003495029932
2Hot Shots75021901038720
3Triple BC'z8404168179-1116
4Set It Off8305165184-1912
6All Over It800873352-2790

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Triple BC'z28v14Set It Off
Biggie Smalls65v2All Over It
Biggie Smalls56v7All Over It
Hot Shots22v16Triple BC'z
Hot Shots9v20Biggie Smalls
Triple BC'z16v25Set It Off
NautiDivas33v14All Over It
NautiDivas19v7Set It Off
NautiDivas8v36Hot Shots
Set It Off7v47Biggie Smalls
Triple BC'z33v13All Over It
Hot Shots10v32Biggie Smalls
Hot Shots44v9All Over It
Hot Shots26v15Set It Off
Hot Shots43v3NautiDivas
NautiDivas19v15Triple BC'z
Triple BC'z28v17NautiDivas
NautiDivas7v40Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls57v2Triple BC'z
Set It Off45v9All Over It
Set It Off6v32Biggie Smalls
Triple BC'z30v12All Over It
Set It Off46v7All Over It

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