Alford Darts summer league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bones 4400162148
2Stewart Stephen 430113767
3Johny 32018445
4Brian McRitchie 32108535
6Bothy 21016423
7David 21016423
8Scott Coutts 21015413
9Frank 21014403
10Alan coutts 100134-11
11Colin 100114-31
12Fiona Coutts100114-31
13Retired 100104-41
14Scott Spence 100104-41
15Paul 100104-41
16Owen Alexander 100104-41
17Alannah coutts 100104-41
18Mike 100104-41
19Paddy 100104-41

Viewed 131 times

Stewart Stephen 1v4Bones
Bones 4v0Johny
Stewart Stephen 4v0Retired
Johny 4v0Frank
Scott Coutts 1v4Bones
Stewart Stephen 4v2David
Rikker0v0Brian McRitchie
Bothy 2v4Brian McRitchie
Frank 4v0Scott Spence
Paul 0v4Johny
Owen Alexander 0v4Bones
Scott Coutts 4v0Paddy
David 4v0Mike
Stewart Stephen 4v1Fiona Coutts
Colin 1v4Rikker
Alan coutts 3v4Brian McRitchie
Bothy 4v0Alannah coutts

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