Alfa Lebanese League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Al Ahed1713223682841
2Al Ansar17112425141135
6Shabab Ghaziyeh176382228-621
7Shabab Sahel176292123-220
8Salam Zgharta175482232-1019
9Nabi Chit174672232-1018
10Tadamon Sour173591125-1414
11Ikhaa Ahli Aley1734101523-813
12Racing Beirut1734101026-1613

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Shabab Ghaziyeh3v1Nabi Chit
Ikhaa Ahli Aley1v2Al Ahed
Al Ansar1v0Shabab Sahel
Racing Beirut0v1Tripoli
Salam Zgharta3v1Safa
Nejmeh1v1Tadamon Sour
Salam Zgharta1v0Tripoli
Nejmeh3v0Racing Beirut
Nabi Chit0v0Shabab Sahel
Shabab Ghaziyeh0v0Safa
Tadamon Sour1v2Al Ahed
Ikhaa Ahli Aley1v0Al Ansar
Ikhaa Ahli Aley0v1Nejmeh
Tadamon Sour0v2Tripoli
Shabab Ghaziyeh1v0Al Ansar
Racing Beirut1v3Safa
Salam Zgharta4v5Nabi Chit
Shabab Sahel0v2Al Ahed
Al Ahed1v0Salam Zgharta
Nabi Chit1v1Racing Beirut
Ikhaa Ahli Aley1v1Tripoli
Al Ansar2v1Salam Zgharta
Shabab Sahel3v1Nejmeh
Safa1v1Tadamon Sour
Shabab Ghaziyeh1v5Al Ahed
Shabab Ghaziyeh1v2Nejmeh
Nabi Chit1v2Tadamon Sour
Racing Beirut0v2Al Ansar
Ikhaa Ahli Aley0v0Safa
Shabab Sahel3v2Tripoli
Salam Zgharta1v1Nejmeh
Ikhaa Ahli Aley2v0Nabi Chit
Shabab Ghaziyeh1v1Tripoli
Al Ansar0v0Tadamon Sour
Al Ahed0v0Racing Beirut
Shabab Sahel0v1Safa
Al Ansar1v0Safa
Tripoli4v1Salam Zgharta
Al Ahed3v1Tadamon Sour
Racing Beirut0v2Shabab Ghaziyeh
Nejmeh0v0Nabi Chit
Shabab Sahel2v0Ikhaa Ahli Aley
Al Ahed0v1Nejmeh
Tripoli2v1Ikhaa Ahli Aley
Shabab Sahel1v0Racing Beirut
Salam Zgharta2v0Tadamon Sour
Safa3v3Nabi Chit
Shabab Ghaziyeh1v2Al Ansar
Shabab Sahel2v3Al Ansar
Nejmeh1v0Salam Zgharta
Tadamon Sour2v1Ikhaa Ahli Aley
Tripoli6v0Racing Beirut
Al Ahed5v0Nabi Chit
Safa3v4Shabab Ghaziyeh
Nabi Chit1v1Salam Zgharta
Racing Beirut0v1Tadamon Sour
Nejmeh1v0Ikhaa Ahli Aley
Shabab Ghaziyeh2v3Shabab Sahel
Al Ansar2v1Tripoli
Safa0v2Al Ahed
Racing Beirut2v2Nejmeh
Nabi Chit1v1Ikhaa Ahli Aley
Safa2v1Shabab Sahel
Salam Zgharta0v4Al Ahed
Tadamon Sour0v3Al Ansar
Tripoli2v0Shabab Ghaziyeh
Safa2v2Salam Zgharta
Racing Beirut1v0Nabi Chit
Al Ahed3v0Ikhaa Ahli Aley
Nejmeh2v1Al Ansar
Tripoli2v0Shabab Sahel
Tadamon Sour0v0Shabab Ghaziyeh
Racing Beirut0v1Al Ahed
Shabab Sahel3v0Tadamon Sour
Nabi Chit1v2Al Ansar
Salam Zgharta1v1Ikhaa Ahli Aley
Nejmeh2v0Shabab Ghaziyeh
Racing Beirut4v1Salam Zgharta
Safa2v1Ikhaa Ahli Aley
Nabi Chit2v0Shabab Ghaziyeh
Al Ansar2v0Al Ahed
Nejmeh3v1Shabab Sahel
Tripoli2v0Tadamon Sour
Al Ahed3v0Shabab Ghaziyeh
Racing Beirut0v2Ikhaa Ahli Aley
Tadamon Sour0v1Safa
Salam Zgharta2v1Al Ansar
Shabab Sahel1v2Nabi Chit
Nabi Chit2v5Tripoli
Tadamon Sour1v1Nejmeh
Safa0v1Racing Beirut
Shabab Ghaziyeh4v1Salam Zgharta
Al Ahed1v1Shabab Sahel
Al Ansar3v2Ikhaa Ahli Aley
Tadamon Sour1v2Nabi Chit
Al Ansar0v0Racing Beirut
Salam Zgharta1v0Shabab Sahel
Shabab Ghaziyeh2v1Ikhaa Ahli Aley
Al Ahed2v0Tripoli

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