Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Llangefni Town Jnrs1915221302210847
2CPD Amlwch161501106159145
3Llangoed & District171322109248541
4Holyhead Hotspur A17132279106941
5Llanfair Llewod1690754332127
6Llangefni Town Blues1680860491124
7Holyhead Hotspur B1760113679-4318
8Amlwch Town 19601340112-7218
9Llanfair Teirw1740132795-6812
10Tynygongl 19301642119-779
11Gaerwen Jnrs 1700175130-1250

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Llanfair Llewod4v1Holyhead Hotspur B
Llanfair Teirw3v2Gaerwen Jnrs
Tynygongl 1v10Llangefni Town Jnrs
Llanfair Llewod4v3Tynygongl
Llangefni Town Jnrs10v1Gaerwen Jnrs
Llanfair Teirw0v10CPD Amlwch
Tynygongl 1v10Llangefni Town Jnrs
Llangefni Town Blues1v5Llangoed & District
Holyhead Hotspur A10v1Gaerwen Jnrs
Tynygongl 2v7Llangefni Town Blues
Llangefni Town Jnrs3v2Llangoed & District
Llanfair Teirw1v5Holyhead Hotspur A
Gaerwen Jnrs 0v8Amlwch Town
Holyhead Hotspur A5v0Llanfair Teirw
CPD Amlwch0v1Llangefni Town Jnrs
Holyhead Hotspur B0v5Llanfair Llewod
Llangefni Town Blues1v6CPD Amlwch
Llanfair Llewod2v1Llanfair Teirw
Amlwch Town 0v10Llangefni Town Jnrs
Holyhead Hotspur A0v1Llangoed & District
Llanfair Teirw1v10Llangoed & District
Holyhead Hotspur B1v0Amlwch Town
Amlwch Town 3v1Holyhead Hotspur A
Llangefni Town Blues2v5Llangefni Town Jnrs
Gaerwen Jnrs 0v2Llanfair Llewod
Llangoed & District10v0Gaerwen Jnrs
Llangefni Town Jnrs2v3CPD Amlwch
Llanfair Teirw2v5Tynygongl
Holyhead Hotspur A4v1Llanfair Llewod
Amlwch Town 3v6Llangefni Town Blues
Llangoed & District10v0Tynygongl
Llangefni Town Jnrs10v0Llanfair Teirw
Gaerwen Jnrs 0v10CPD Amlwch
Amlwch Town 0v10Holyhead Hotspur A
CPD Amlwch5v0Llanfair Llewod
Holyhead Hotspur A9v0Amlwch Town
CPD Amlwch10v3Amlwch Town
Tynygongl 7v0Gaerwen Jnrs
Llangefni Town Blues6v1Holyhead Hotspur B
Llangefni Town Blues6v1Tynygongl
Holyhead Hotspur B0v4CPD Amlwch
Amlwch Town 7v0Gaerwen Jnrs
Llangoed & District1v1Holyhead Hotspur A
Llangefni Town Jnrs10v0Holyhead Hotspur B
Llangoed & District10v0Amlwch Town
Llangefni Town Jnrs10v0Tynygongl
Amlwch Town 5v3Tynygongl
Holyhead Hotspur B5v1Llanfair Teirw
Tynygongl 1v5Llanfair Teirw
Llangoed & District4v2Llanfair Llewod
CPD Amlwch10v1Holyhead Hotspur B
Llangefni Town Jnrs1v1Holyhead Hotspur A
Llanfair Teirw1v10Llangefni Town Jnrs
Tynygongl 1v10Holyhead Hotspur A
Amlwch Town 1v4Llanfair Teirw
Gaerwen Jnrs 1v9Holyhead Hotspur B
Llangoed & District6v6Llangefni Town Jnrs
Llangefni Town Blues6v0Amlwch Town
Llanfair Llewod2v5Llangoed & District
Holyhead Hotspur B1v10Llangefni Town Jnrs
Gaerwen Jnrs 0v5Llanfair Teirw
CPD Amlwch6v1Tynygongl
Llangoed & District7v0Holyhead Hotspur B
Gaerwen Jnrs 0v8Tynygongl
Llangefni Town Blues1v4Llanfair Llewod
Llanfair Teirw0v10Llanfair Llewod
Holyhead Hotspur B5v4Tynygongl
Gaerwen Jnrs 0v10Llangefni Town Jnrs
Amlwch Town 0v10CPD Amlwch
Llangefni Town Blues0v3Holyhead Hotspur A
Llangoed & District10v3Llangefni Town Blues
Llangoed & District9v0Llanfair Teirw
Llangefni Town Blues7v0Gaerwen Jnrs
Tynygongl 2v9CPD Amlwch
Amlwch Town 5v2Holyhead Hotspur B
Llanfair Llewod0v3Holyhead Hotspur A
Amlwch Town 0v10Llanfair Llewod
Llangoed & District1v4CPD Amlwch
Holyhead Hotspur B0v7Llangefni Town Blues
Holyhead Hotspur A2v0Llangefni Town Jnrs
Tynygongl 1v5Llanfair Llewod
Llangefni Town Jnrs10v0Amlwch Town
Gaerwen Jnrs 0v10Llangoed & District
CPD Amlwch6v1Llangefni Town Blues
Holyhead Hotspur B0v4Holyhead Hotspur A
Holyhead Hotspur A9v0Tynygongl
Llangefni Town Blues6v1Llanfair Teirw
Llanfair Llewod2v3CPD Amlwch
Holyhead Hotspur B4v0Gaerwen Jnrs
Amlwch Town 1v8Llangoed & District
Tynygongl 1v6Holyhead Hotspur B
Llangefni Town Jnrs2v1Llanfair Llewod
Llanfair Teirw2v4Amlwch Town
Holyhead Hotspur A2v0Llangefni Town Blues
CPD Amlwch10v0Gaerwen Jnrs

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