Ajfl u 11s alaw

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Holyhead hawks1312104273537
2Amlwch town 117313292324
3Treaddur bay 136251820-220
4Llanfair 8422116514
5Talwrn 9234714-79
6Holyhead harriers7205813-56
9Menai bridge5032412-83
10Tynygongl 6105515-103

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Treaddur bay 0v1Holyhead hawks
Tynygongl 2v3Treaddur bay
Llanfair 0v2Holyhead hawks
Amlwch town 2v2Holyhead hawks
Talwrn 2v1Treaddur bay
Llanfair 1v0Treaddur bay
Talwrn 0v3Amlwch town
Bodorgan1v4Holyhead hawks
Bodedern1v2Holyhead harriers
Bodedern1v3Holyhead hawks
Holyhead harriers2v1Bodorgan
Amlwch town 1v0Bodorgan
Amlwch town 0v2Treaddur bay
Amlwch town 2v1Bodedern
Bodorgan0v7Amlwch town
Bodedern2v8Amlwch town
Llanfair 3v0Menai bridge
Talwrn 1v3Holyhead hawks
Treaddur bay 3v2Tynygongl
Treaddur bay 2v1Bodedern
Menai bridge1v6Holyhead hawks
Treaddur bay 1v1Talwrn
Talwrn 0v0Bodedern
Amlwch town 4v0Tynygongl
Holyhead harriers0v1Holyhead hawks
Llanfair 1v1Bodedern
Menai bridge1v1Llanfair
Llanfair 1v0Talwrn
Treaddur bay 1v4Llanfair
Talwrn 1v0Tynygongl
Amlwch town 1v1Menai bridge
Amlwch town 1v1Talwrn
Holyhead hawks6v0Bodorgan
Menai bridge1v1Treaddur bay
Holyhead harriers0v3Amlwch town
Tynygongl 0v4Holyhead hawks
Bodorgan3v2Holyhead harriers
Holyhead hawks3v0Bodedern
Tynygongl 1v0Llanfair
Holyhead harriers1v2Treaddur bay
Bodorgan1v2Treaddur bay
Bodedern2v1Holyhead harriers
Holyhead hawks3v0Treaddur bay
Holyhead hawks4v1Talwrn

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