Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
11860 Munich (Alex802004)1512213082238
2TEREK GROZNY (Dancal74)16102434122232
3U.n.a.m. (Arsenico79)167452623325
4Hellas Verona (Psyco78)166553224823
5Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)156452423122
6Montreal Impact (Fefferico)166373223921
7Guadalajara (Cerconik)163671623-715
8Al-Shabab (Orso93)1531111136-2510
9Racing Club (Sundek83)72231118-78
10Verese (Brilozzo)8017228-261
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Montreal Impact (Fefferico)13v0Verese (Brilozzo)
Unam (Arsenico79)2v1Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)
Terek Grozny (Dancal74)2v0Al-Shabab (Orso93)
Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)1v0Guadalajara (Cerconik)
Unam (Arsenico79)2v4Hellas Verona (Psyco78)
Guadalajara (Cerconik)1v1Racing Club (Sundek83)
Montreal Impact (Fefferico)2v1Hellas Verona (Psyco78)
Terek Grozny (Dancal74)0v3Unam (Arsenico79)
Racing Club (Sundek83)3v2Al-Shabab (Orso93)
Hellas Verona (Psyco78)1v1Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)
Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)1v0Terek Grozny (Dancal74)
Unam (Arsenico79)0v0Montreal Impact (Fefferico)
Guadalajara (Cerconik)0v3Hellas Verona (Psyco78)
Terek Grozny (Dancal74)4v0Racing Club (Sundek83)
Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)3v2Montreal Impact (Fefferico)
Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)3v0Unam (Arsenico79)
Hellas Verona (Psyco78)5v1Al-Shabab (Orso93)
Montreal Impact (Fefferico)0v1Guadalajara (Cerconik)
Racing Club (Sundek83)3v3Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)
Terek Grozny (Dancal74)0v2Hellas Verona (Psyco78)
Al-Shabab (Orso93)1v4Montreal Impact (Fefferico)
Guadalajara (Cerconik)0v1Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)
Racing Club (Sundek83)0v4Unam (Arsenico79)
Montreal Impact (Fefferico)0v2Terek Grozny (Dancal74)
Hellas Verona (Psyco78)3v3Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)
Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)4v0Al-Shabab (Orso93)
Unam (Arsenico79)1v1Guadalajara (Cerconik)
Al-Shabab (Orso93)1v3Guadalajara (Cerconik)
Racing Club (Sundek83)1v2Hellas Verona (Psyco78)
Terek Grozny (Dancal74)0v0Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)
Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)1v1Montreal Impact (Fefferico)
Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)2v0Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)
Montreal Impact (Fefferico)2v3Racing Club (Sundek83)
Guadalajara (Cerconik)2v2Terek Grozny (Dancal74)
Unam (Arsenico79)2v0Al-Shabab (Orso93)
Guadalajara (Cerconik)1v4Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)
Al-Shabab (Orso93)0v3Terek Grozny (Dancal74)
Hellas Verona (Psyco78)1v1Unam (Arsenico79)
Verese (Brilozzo)1v2Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)
Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)1v2Al-Shabab (Orso93)
Hellas Verona (Psyco78)1v3Montreal Impact (Fefferico)
Unam (Arsenico79)1v3Terek Grozny (Dancal74)
Guadalajara (Cerconik)4v0Verese (Brilozzo)
Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)3v2Hellas Verona (Psyco78)
Terek Grozny (Dancal74)3v0Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)
Montreal Impact (Fefferico)0v1Unam (Arsenico79)
Verese (Brilozzo)0v1Al-Shabab (Orso93)
Hellas Verona (Psyco78)0v0Guadalajara (Cerconik)
Montreal Impact (Fefferico)0v3Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)
Unam (Arsenico79)3v3Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)
Al-Shabab (Orso93)0v4Hellas Verona (Psyco78)
Terek Grozny (Dancal74)3v0Verese (Brilozzo)
Guadalajara (Cerconik)1v1Montreal Impact (Fefferico)
Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)2v0Unam (Arsenico79)
Hellas Verona (Psyco78)2v5Terek Grozny (Dancal74)
Montreal Impact (Fefferico)1v0Al-Shabab (Orso93)
Verese (Brilozzo)0v2Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)
Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)2v0Guadalajara (Cerconik)
Terek Grozny (Dancal74)4v0Montreal Impact (Fefferico)
Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)1v0Hellas Verona (Psyco78)
Al-Shabab (Orso93)0v3Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)
Guadalajara (Cerconik)2v3Unam (Arsenico79)
Unam (Arsenico79)2v0Verese (Brilozzo)
Guadalajara (Cerconik)0v0Al-Shabab (Orso93)
Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)1v0Terek Grozny (Dancal74)
Montreal Impact (Fefferico)3v1Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)
Al-Hilal (Ciupeco)0v2Monaco 1860 (Alex802004)
Terek Grozny (Dancal74)3v0Guadalajara (Cerconik)
Verese (Brilozzo)1v1Hellas Verona (Psyco78)
Al-Shabab (Orso93)3v1Unam (Arsenico79)

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