Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Houston Dynamo (fadetoblack83)21108354
2Wisla Cracovia (geomalx)21105234
3Racing Santander (dancal74)21105324
4Ternana (alex80200411003123
5Novara (gamfroc)11001013
6Doncaster (ciupeco)21015503
7Pohang Steelers (veleno79)210148-43
8Real Salt Lake (fefferico)201135-21
9Grosseto (chiko)200236-30
10Hercules CF (chiocchio)200204-40
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Grosseto (chiko)1v3Ternana (alex802004
Pohang Steelers (veleno79)3v2Doncaster (ciupeco)
Doncaster (ciupeco)3v2Grosseto (chiko)
Hercules CF (Chiocchio)0v3Wisla Cracovia (geomalx)
Houston Dynamo (fadetoblack83)6v1Pohang Steelers (veleno79)
Wisla Cracovia (geomalx)2v2Real Salt Lake (fefferico)
Novara (gamfroc)1v0Hercules CF (Chiocchio)
Racing Santander (dancal74)2v2Houston Dynamo (fadetoblack83)
Real Salt Lake (fefferico)1v3Racing Santander (dancal74)

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