Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Atlanta Hornets10100001
2Arizona pheonix10100001
3Ny chu -chu Trains00000000
4New orleans deadskins00000000
5Minnesota moos00000000
6Phildelphia Sad binders00000000
7Miami sharks00000000
8Pittsbrugh sqeulers00000000
9Tennesse flying gutairs00000000
10Tampa bay pirates00000000
11Seattle pine trees00000000
12Portland Pomerians00000000
13La pugs00000000
14Greenbay ice cubes00000000
15Cinannati tigers00000000
16Chicago polar bears00000000
17Boston whales00000000
18Baltimore jeff00000000
19Clevland clowns00000000
20Dallas WoWboys00000000
21Detriot warriors00000000
22Denver Goats00000000
23Dc Presidants00000000
24Jacksonville Banana dudes00000000

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Arizona pheonix0v0Atlanta Hornets

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