Afl 9s

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
4The Cleanskins97024143456928
5Stevie Wonders Driving961258946212726
7The Bizzness95044233546920
8Average 9's95044333884520
9Waterford Whales95044914692220
11The Wanderers9504411437-2620
12Pocket Pussies94054573976016
14The Taters9207342382-408
15Kentucky Fried Chickens9207310451-1418
16Average Joes9207309513-2048
17The Prune Tracys9018328486-1582
18Perth Hornets9009123765-6420

Viewed 148 times

Chubbies46v60The Bizzness
Clives45v27The Prune Tracys
Average Joes33v49The Wanderers
Perth Hornets8v64Kentucky Fried Chickens
Stevie Wonders Driving86v33Average 9's
Seshlehem52v48Waterford Whales
Yabbies31v16The Taters
The Cleanskins38v30Rippers
Bali963v30Pocket Pussies
Chubbies65v33Kentucky Fried Chickens
Stevie Wonders Driving44v39Clives
Seshlehem63v35Pocket Pussies
Perth Hornets0v64Yabbies
The Cleanskins55v27The Prune Tracys
Waterford Whales46v61The Wanderers
The Taters14v29The Bizzness
Rippers48v46Average 9's
Bali984v7Average Joes
Yabbies49v41Kentucky Fried Chickens
Waterford Whales68v64Seshlehem
Pocket Pussies23v36Bali9
The Taters51v52Chubbies
The Cleanskins58v51Stevie Wonders Driving
Average 9's54v7Clives
The Bizzness84v30Perth Hornets
Rippers79v35The Prune Tracys
The Wanderers0v60Average Joes
The Cleanskins27v23Rippers
The Cleanskins65v31Kentucky Fried Chickens
Average 9's44v21The Cleanskins
The Cleanskins53v46Clives
The Cleanskins47v42The Prune Tracys
Clives51v50The Cleanskins
The Taters104v0Perth Hornets
Average 9's54v26The Prune Tracys
The Wanderers29v80Pocket Pussies
The Bizzness53v25Kentucky Fried Chickens
Rippers68v88Stevie Wonders Driving
Waterford Whales68v28Average Joes
Perth Hornets9v76Chubbies
Seshlehem47v13The Wanderers
Kentucky Fried Chickens19v49The Bizzness
Bali950v21Waterford Whales
The Taters29v43Yabbies
Stevie Wonders Driving93v50Average 9's
Average Joes22v82Pocket Pussies
The Bizzness39v57Yabbies
Clives48v39Average 9's
Seshlehem63v25Pocket Pussies
The Taters38v45Kentucky Fried Chickens
Stevie Wonders Driving56v56The Prune Tracys
Average Joes19v84Bali9
Chubbies77v9Perth Hornets
Waterford Whales67v66The Wanderers
Kentucky Fried Chickens14v53Yabbies
The Prune Tracys31v42Average 9's
Bali969v31Pocket Pussies
Perth Hornets6v91Average Joes
Seshlehem80v61Waterford Whales
The Taters20v56Chubbies
Stevie Wonders Driving55v56Rippers
The Bizzness44v60The Wanderers
Bali939v26The Bizzness
The Wanderers69v21Average Joes
Kentucky Fried Chickens38v71Rippers
Waterford Whales53v33Chubbies
Stevie Wonders Driving46v45Yabbies
Clives21v59Pocket Pussies
Perth Hornets30v113Seshlehem
The Prune Tracys45v57The Taters
The Bizzness39v64The Wanderers
Average Joes28v71Average 9's
Rippers35v59Waterford Whales
Chubbies57v70Stevie Wonders Driving
Pocket Pussies92v31Perth Hornets
Seshlehem51v39The Prune Tracys
The Taters13v81Bali9

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