AFC Champions League - Round 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Al Suwaiq13103042162633
2Al Shorta1394035181731
3Shabab Al Ordon1393134171730
4South China1392228161229
5Tampines Rovers132651826-812
7T&T Ha Noi131661527-129
8Pune FC131571224-128
9Al Qadisiya131481327-147
10Al Kuwait1303101128-173

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Al Kuwait1v1Al-Hadd
Al Suwaiq2v2South China
Al Shorta2v1T&T Ha Noi
Al Qadisiya0v2Shabab Al Ordon
Pune FC2v2Tampines Rovers
Al Qadisiya1v3South China
Al Suwaiq2v1Al Kuwait
Al-Hadd0v0T&T Ha Noi
Tampines Rovers2v3Al Shorta
Shabab Al Ordon2v0Pune FC
Al Shorta1v1Shabab Al Ordon
Al-Hadd2v5Al Suwaiq
T&T Ha Noi2v2Tampines Rovers
South China3v1Al Kuwait
Al Qadisiya1v1Pune FC
Al-Hadd1v1Al Qadisiya
Tampines Rovers4v3Al Kuwait
Pune FC0v2South China
Al Suwaiq2v2Al Shorta
Shabab Al Ordon2v1T&T Ha Noi
Al Qadisiya2v4Al Suwaiq
Al-Hadd1v3South China
Al Shorta2v0Al Kuwait
T&T Ha Noi2v1Pune FC
Tampines Rovers0v1Shabab Al Ordon
Al Kuwait2v2T&T Ha Noi
Pune FC0v2Al Suwaiq
Al Shorta5v2Al Qadisiya
Tampines Rovers1v1Al-Hadd
South China2v2Shabab Al Ordon
Tampines Rovers2v1Al Qadisiya
South China4v1T&T Ha Noi
Pune FC2v1Al Kuwait
Al-Hadd0v3Al Shorta
Al Suwaiq4v3Shabab Al Ordon
T&T Ha Noi0v5Al Suwaiq
South China1v0Tampines Rovers
Al Kuwait0v1Al Qadisiya
Pune FC1v3Al Shorta
Shabab Al Ordon4v2Al-Hadd
Al Shorta3v2South China
Tampines Rovers1v5Al Suwaiq
T&T Ha Noi1v1Al Qadisiya
Pune FC2v2Al-Hadd
Al Kuwait0v3Shabab Al Ordon
Al-Hadd2v1Al Kuwait
South China1v3Al Suwaiq
T&T Ha Noi1v2Al Shorta
Shabab Al Ordon3v1Al Qadisiya
Tampines Rovers1v1Pune FC
South China2v1Al Qadisiya
Al Kuwait0v4Al Suwaiq
T&T Ha Noi1v1Al-Hadd
Al Shorta3v0Tampines Rovers
Pune FC1v4Shabab Al Ordon
Shabab Al Ordon4v4Al Shorta
Al Suwaiq2v0Al-Hadd
Tampines Rovers2v2T&T Ha Noi
Al Kuwait0v1South China
Pune FC0v0Al Qadisiya
Al-Hadd3v1Al Qadisiya
Al Kuwait1v1Tampines Rovers
South China2v1Pune FC
Al Shorta2v2Al Suwaiq
T&T Ha Noi1v3Shabab Al Ordon

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