Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Andy's team201523111624947
3Abbas's team201127104911335
4Billy's team2092986761029
5Wissa's team208397789-1227
6Luke's team2064106467-322
7Un-named team2064107391-1822
8Stuart's team20321561109-4811
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Abbas's team9v3Stuart's team
Andy's team9v3Un-named team
Abbas's team2v4Un-named team
Andy's team10v4Stuart's team
Danes6v4Wissa's team
Luke's team5v2Billy's team
Danes5v4Billy's team
Luke's team2v2Wissa's team
Un-named team2v4Wissa's team
Abbas's team2v4Billy's team
Un-named team0v3Billy's team
Abbas's team6v2Wissa's team
Luke's team4v7Danes
Stuart's team3v8Andy's team
Luke's team2v4Andy's team
Stuart's team0v4Danes
Un-named team5v2Danes
Andy's team3v7Abbas's team
Abbas's team6v6Un-named team
Andy's team4v0Danes
Billy's team9v4Wissa's team
Luke's team3v2Stuart's team
Billy's team1v4Stuart's team
Luke's team7v0Wissa's team
Wissa's team4v3Un-named team
Andy's team6v6Stuart's team
Wissa's team8v5Stuart's team
Andy's team5v3Un-named team
Danes2v6Billy's team
Luke's team2v5Abbas's team
Danes2v5Abbas's team
Luke's team4v2Billy's team
Danes3v1Luke's team
Billy's team3v5Andy's team
Wissa's team4v5Stuart's team
Stuart's team1v6Billy's team
Andy's team4v4Wissa's team
Luke's team4v5Un-named team
Abbas's team6v7Danes
Abbas's team7v6Un-named team
Wissa's team3v5Un-named team
Andy's team7v2Stuart's team
Wissa's team5v3Stuart's team
Andy's team5v2Un-named team
Luke's team3v5Abbas's team
Danes6v3Billy's team
Danes5v6Abbas's team
Luke's team3v3Billy's team
Andy's team5v3Billy's team
Abbas's team3v7Wissa's team
Andy's team4v3Wissa's team
Billy's team7v4Abbas's team
Luke's team6v2Un-named team
Stuart's team1v2Danes
Luke's team1v2Stuart's team
Un-named team3v3Danes
Andy's team3v2Stuart's team
Wissa's team3v2Un-named team
Andy's team8v2Un-named team
Wissa's team6v5Stuart's team
Abbas's team6v6Billy's team
Danes2v2Luke's team
Abbas's team2v6Luke's team
Danes1v2Billy's team
Danes3v2Andy's team
Billy's team3v5Un-named team
Billy's team3v9Andy's team
Danes7v7Un-named team
Luke's team2v2Stuart's team
Abbas's team8v5Wissa's team
Luke's team2v5Wissa's team
Abbas's team5v3Stuart's team
Wissa's team2v6Andy's team
Abbas's team5v6Un-named team
Wissa's team2v2Un-named team
Abbas's team5v4Andy's team
Billy's team6v1Luke's team
Danes9v4Stuart's team
Billy's team10v4Stuart's team
Danes6v4Luke's team

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