Ablekuma Football Association League Table

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1TCL FC 5401112912
2Dansoman fc22004136
3Shukura fc31206515
4James Town Fc21104224
5Russia Fc31113304
6Agogo Stars 31113304
7Losso Park Fc310223-13
8Mataheko 201123-11
9New Town Fc201124-21
10Abossey Okai Fc5014213-111

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TCL FC 3v0Abossey Okai Fc
TCL FC 3v0Abossey Okai Fc
TCL FC 3v0Abossey Okai Fc
Russia Fc2v2Shukura fc
TCL FC 1v2Agogo Stars
Losso Park Fc1v0Agogo Stars
Abossey Okai Fc1v3Dansoman fc
Mataheko 0v1Russia Fc
Agogo Stars 1v1Abossey Okai Fc
James Town Fc2v2Shukura fc
Shukura fc2v1Losso Park Fc
James Town Fc2v0New Town Fc
New Town Fc2v2Mataheko
TCL FC 1v0Losso Park Fc
Russia Fc0v1Dansoman fc

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