Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1D Shift107212261623
3B Shift104331712515
4A Shift10424117414
5E Shift10235518-139
6C Shift10127925-165

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E Shift0v0C Shift
A Shift8v2C Shift
A Shift1v0Admin
C Shift1v5B Shift
D Shift3v0B Shift
E Shift0v6D Shift
A Shift0v1B Shift
D Shift2v0Admin
B Shift2v2D Shift
E Shift0v3Admin
A Shift0v1D Shift
E Shift2v6B Shift
C Shift1v3Admin
A Shift1v0E Shift
C Shift1v3D Shift
B Shift0v0Admin
E Shift0v1Admin
B Shift2v1C Shift
A Shift0v2D Shift
D Shift0v1Admin
A Shift1v0B Shift
E Shift1v0C Shift
C Shift1v0Admin
E Shift0v0A Shift
B Shift0v0Admin
D Shift0v0E Shift
C Shift0v0A Shift
A Shift0v1Admin
C Shift2v3D Shift
B Shift1v2E Shift

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