AA Women - Group B - Ador Avenue

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1St George Girls109105574828
3CPFC Cheeseburgers105142016416
4Black Whales105051921-215
5The Spartans105051418-415
6Goal Diggers103071319-69
7Tigers 2102081040-306
8Squad Goals10019547-421

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Goal Diggers1v3BTFC
St George Girls6v0The Spartans
Squad Goals1v9CPFC Cheeseburgers
Tigers 25v4Black Whales
Squad Goals0v3St George Girls
Goal Diggers0v3The Spartans
CPFC Cheeseburgers0v3Black Whales
Tigers 20v6BTFC
The Spartans1v0Tigers 2
BTFC2v2St George Girls
Goal Diggers1v2CPFC Cheeseburgers
Squad Goals1v2Black Whales
Goal Diggers2v0Squad Goals
St George Girls4v0Tigers 2
BTFC3v0Black Whales
CPFC Cheeseburgers1v0The Spartans
Squad Goals1v8BTFC
Tigers 21v3CPFC Cheeseburgers
The Spartans1v3Black Whales
Goal Diggers0v5St George Girls
Squad Goals1v4Tigers 2
Goal Diggers1v2Black Whales
CPFC Cheeseburgers0v3St George Girls
The Spartans0v3BTFC
The Spartans2v0Squad Goals
CPFC Cheeseburgers1v3BTFC
Black Whales3v6St George Girls
Tigers 20v2Goal Diggers
Goal Diggers0v2BTFC
St George Girls4v2The Spartans
Squad Goals1v1CPFC Cheeseburgers
Tigers 20v2Black Whales
Squad Goals0v11St George Girls
The Spartans2v1Goal Diggers
Tigers 20v6BTFC
CPFC Cheeseburgers3v0Black Whales
BTFC1v0Black Whales
The Spartans3v0CPFC Cheeseburgers
St George Girls11v0Tigers 2
Goal Diggers5v0Squad Goals

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