AA Women - Group A - Ador Avenue

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1ABCDE FC1010005935630
2Sans Souci FC107031610621
4Oatley Eastsiders104061816212
5Penshurst West104061427-1312
6Red Dragons104061429-1512
8Tigers 110208533-286

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Penshurst West3v0Oatley Eastsiders
Red Dragons0v8ABCDE FC
Sans Souci FC3v0Ramsgate
Tigers 11v5Balotellitubbies
Red Dragons1v2Balotellitubbies
Penshurst West1v2Tigers 1
Oatley Eastsiders3v0Ramsgate
ABCDE FC4v0Sans Souci FC
Tigers 11v0Ramsgate
Penshurst West0v4Sans Souci FC
Balotellitubbies1v3ABCDE FC
Red Dragons1v0Oatley Eastsiders
Sans Souci FC3v0Red Dragons
Oatley Eastsiders7v0Tigers 1
ABCDE FC8v0Penshurst West
Red Dragons1v0Ramsgate
ABCDE FC7v0Tigers 1
Balotellitubbies2v0Penshurst West
Oatley Eastsiders1v2Sans Souci FC
Red Dragons3v1Tigers 1
Sans Souci FC1v0Balotellitubbies
Oatley Eastsiders0v5ABCDE FC
Penshurst West2v1Ramsgate
Red Dragons0v11ABCDE FC
Red Dragons7v0Penshurst West
ABCDE FC6v1Ramsgate
Oatley Eastsiders0v1Balotellitubbies
Tigers 10v1Sans Souci FC
Sans Souci FC0v1Ramsgate
Oatley Eastsiders0v4Penshurst West
Tigers 10v3Balotellitubbies
ABCDE FC4v0Sans Souci FC
Balotellitubbies2v1Red Dragons
Penshurst West3v0Tigers 1
Ramsgate0v4Oatley Eastsiders
ABCDE FC3v1Penshurst West
Sans Souci FC2v0Red Dragons
Oatley Eastsiders3v0Tigers 1

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