AA Men - Group B - Ador Avenue

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Manchesthair United1072144182623
42 Goals 1 Cup1052327141317
5Suicide Squad104241915414
6All Stars104242118314
750 Shades of Pink104241924-514
8Rams Re-United10154818-108
9This is Kogarah101361725-86
10Seagulls FC10019554-491

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Intratables0v0Rams Re-United
2 Goals 1 Cup1v2Suicide Squad
AAFC3v0Seagulls FC
50 Shades of Pink2v4All Stars
This is Kogarah2v2Manchesthair United
Manchesthair United4v2Suicide Squad
Intratables6v0Seagulls FC
All Stars2v2This is Kogarah
50 Shades of Pink0v0Rams Re-United
2 Goals 1 Cup1v1AAFC
2 Goals 1 Cup0v3Suicide Squad
2 Goals 1 Cup4v2Manchesthair United
Intratables2v0This is Kogarah
This is Kogarah1v1Rams Re-United
Seagulls FC0v92 Goals 1 Cup
50 Shades of Pink2v2Intratables
All Stars3v1Suicide Squad
Manchesthair United3v0AAFC
This is Kogarah2v350 Shades of Pink
Suicide Squad1v1Intratables
AAFC2v1Rams Re-United
2 Goals 1 Cup0v3All Stars
Seagulls FC1v11Manchesthair United
50 Shades of Pink5v0Seagulls FC
All Stars0v1AAFC
Rams Re-United1v1Suicide Squad
Seagulls FC1v7This is Kogarah
All Stars3v4Manchesthair United
50 Shades of Pink1v0Suicide Squad
2 Goals 1 Cup3v0Rams Re-United
Manchesthair United5v1Rams Re-United
Seagulls FC1v4All Stars
Suicide Squad4v1This is Kogarah
AAFC6v350 Shades of Pink
2 Goals 1 Cup1v1Intratables
Rams Re-United1v1All Stars
50 Shades of Pink1v52 Goals 1 Cup
This is Kogarah0v2AAFC
Suicide Squad5v0Seagulls FC
Intratables3v3Manchesthair United
Seagulls FC1v3Rams Re-United
AAFC3v0Suicide Squad
All Stars1v5Intratables
Manchesthair United5v150 Shades of Pink
2 Goals 1 Cup3v1This is Kogarah
Intratables4v0Rams Re-United
This is Kogarah1v5Manchesthair United
AAFC1v1Seagulls FC
50 Shades of Pink1v0All Stars

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