AA Men - Group A - Ador Avenue

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ares FC98103943525
2Shamandar FC961231161519
3Pudding Thiefs FC95042519615
5The Boys FC94141722-513
6Brighton Eagles FC94051617-112
7The Keftheves93151619-310
8Peakhurst United8305721-149
9Carss Park Ultras9009746-390

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Ares FC7v0The Boys FC
Shamandar FC4v1The Keftheves
Brighton Eagles FC1v0Carss Park Ultras
Ninetails0v3Pudding Thiefs FC
Ares FC4v0Brighton Eagles FC
Brighton Eagles FC1v2The Boys FC
Carss Park Ultras1v2Peakhurst United
Ninetails3v1The Keftheves
Ares FC6v1Pudding Thiefs FC
The Boys FC1v0Peakhurst United
Ares FC1v1Ninetails
Shamandar FC12v0Carss Park Ultras
Pudding Thiefs FC2v3Brighton Eagles FC
Ninetails4v1Peakhurst United
Shamandar FC3v1Pudding Thiefs FC
The Keftheves4v0Carss Park Ultras
Pudding Thiefs FC9v0Peakhurst United
The Keftheves1v5Ares FC
Ninetails1v0Brighton Eagles FC
The Boys FC1v5Shamandar FC
Ninetails2v2Shamandar FC
Carss Park Ultras1v6The Boys FC
Brighton Eagles FC4v1The Keftheves
Ares FC3v0Peakhurst United
Ares FC6v0Shamandar FC
Carss Park Ultras2v4Pudding Thiefs FC
The Keftheves2v2The Boys FC
Peakhurst United2v1Brighton Eagles FC
Ninetails7v1Carss Park Ultras
Peakhurst United1v0The Keftheves
Shamandar FC3v1Brighton Eagles FC
Pudding Thiefs FC3v2The Boys FC
Carss Park Ultras0v5Ares FC
The Boys FC2v1Ninetails
The Keftheves3v0Pudding Thiefs FC
Shamandar FC2v1Peakhurst United
Ninetails0v2Pudding Thiefs FC
Ares FC2v1The Boys FC
Brighton Eagles FC5v2Carss Park Ultras
Shamandar FC0v3The Keftheves

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