Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Fight Fire98012618824
2Club American971126101622
3Dafoe Dallas96121871119
4NY University9531156918
5Saint Ahmed95041719-215
7Hall Back94051618-212
8Santa Luiza93151616010
9Garden Grove FC92341116-59
10Washington DC9234712-59
11America Rapids92251924-58
12Best Boy's92251319-68
13Turn Green92161523-87
14Florida FC9207920-116

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Best Boy's4v0Hall Back
Washington DC0v0Union's
America Rapids1v1NY University
Fight Fire3v1Club American
Santa Luiza3v0Garden Grove FC
Dafoe Dallas4v0Turn Green
Saint Ahmed2v1Florida FC
Dafoe Dallas2v1Florida FC
Santa Luiza1v2Saint Ahmed
Fight Fire3v2Turn Green
America Rapids2v2Garden Grove FC
Washington DC1v1Club American
Best Boy's0v3NY University
Union's5v3Hall Back
Hall Back1v2NY University
Garden Grove FC2v2Best Boy's
Club American2v1Union's
Dafoe Dallas3v0Santa Luiza
Florida FC2v3Fight Fire
Saint Ahmed5v2America Rapids
Turn Green1v0Washington DC
Club American2v1Hall Back
NY University0v0Garden Grove FC
Union's4v2Turn Green
Best Boy's2v0Saint Ahmed
Washington DC2v0Florida FC
America Rapids1v2Dafoe Dallas
Fight Fire4v3Santa Luiza
Fight Fire4v2America Rapids
Santa Luiza3v0Washington DC
Dafoe Dallas2v1Best Boy's
Saint Ahmed1v3NY University
Union's2v1Florida FC
Turn Green1v2Club American
Hall Back1v3Garden Grove FC
Turn Green1v3Hall Back
Garden Grove FC1v2Saint Ahmed
Club American5v0Florida FC
NY University0v0Dafoe Dallas
Union's1v3Santa Luiza
Best Boy's2v3Fight Fire
Washington DC1v4America Rapids
Washington DC0v0Best Boy's
America Rapids4v2Union's
Fight Fire1v4NY University
Santa Luiza1v3Club American
Dafoe Dallas4v1Garden Grove FC
Florida FC3v2Turn Green
Hall Back4v1Saint Ahmed
Union's2v1Best Boy's
NY University1v2Washington DC
Club American3v1America Rapids
Garden Grove FC0v1Fight Fire
Turn Green2v2Santa Luiza
Saint Ahmed2v1Dafoe Dallas
Florida FC0v2Hall Back
Union's0v1NY University
Best Boy's1v7Club American
Washington DC1v2Garden Grove FC
America Rapids2v4Turn Green
Fight Fire4v2Saint Ahmed
Santa Luiza0v1Florida FC
Hall Back1v0Dafoe Dallas

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