A local league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Thornbury town1111004004033
5Bradley Stoke116231881020
6Thornbury city114251822-414
7Thornbury rovers113262322111
8Thornbury rats113171825-710
9Thornbury United11155816-88
11Ze bras11047223-214
12Sadly broke110110537-321
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Charfield0v1Thornbury town
Charfueld0v8Thornbury town
Bradley Stoke0v2Thornbury town
Bradley Stoke0v1Charfield
Bradley Stoke1v0Charfueld
Bradley Stoke1v2Olvetson
Thornbury town1v0Olvetson
Bradley Stoke5v0Sadly broke
Charfield1v0Sadly broke
Charfueld1v0Sadly broke
Olvetson3v0Sadly broke
Thornbury town3v0Sadly broke
Bradley Stoke0v0Thornbury United
Charfield2v0Thornbury United
Charfueld0v0Thornbury United
Olvetson2v0Thornbury United
Thornbury town2v0Thornbury United
Thornbury city0v3Bradley Stoke
Thornbury city0v3Charfield
Thornbury city4v3Charfueld
Thornbury city2v3Olvetson
Thornbury city3v1Sadly broke
Thornbury city3v1Thornbury United
Thornbury city0v3Thornbury town
Thornbury rats0v3Bradley Stoke
Thornbury rats0v3Charfield
Thornbury rats1v3Charfueld
Thornbury rats1v3Olvetson
Thornbury rats10v1Sadly broke
Thornbury rats1v1Thornbury United
Thornbury rats0v2Thornbury city
Thornbury rats0v6Thornbury town
Ze bras2v6Zebras
Charfueld2v6Thornbury rovers
Bradley Stoke2v1Thornbury rovers
Charfield2v0Thornbury rovers
Olvetson2v1Thornbury rovers
Sadly broke2v6Thornbury rovers
Thornbury United2v2Thornbury rovers
Thornbury city2v2Thornbury rovers
Thornbury rats2v0Thornbury rovers
Thornbury town3v0Thornbury rovers
Zebras2v2Bradley Stoke
Zebras3v0Sadly broke
Zebras3v2Thornbury United
Zebras3v2Thornbury city
Zebras3v2Thornbury rats
Zebras3v2Thornbury rovers
Zebras0v2Thornbury town
Ze bras0v9Thornbury town
Ze bras0v3Thornbury rovers
Ze bras0v1Thornbury rats
Ze bras0v0Thornbury city
Ze bras0v0Thornbury United
Ze bras0v0Sadly broke
Ze bras0v2Olvetson
Ze bras0v0Charfueld
Ze bras0v1Charfield
Ze bras0v1Bradley Stoke
Sadly broke1v2Thornbury United

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