A Loanhead miners premier league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Andrew Davidson880066145216
2Gary Mason861152282413
3Paul Hannaway860253272612
4Paul Campbell8413413929
5Stevie Dall83233644-88
6Stevie Mackie72143040-105
7Martin Neill82063050-204
8Gavin Brock71152248-263
9Willie Whitson80082060-400

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Stevie Dall5v5Paul Campbell
Gavin Brock1v9Gary Mason
Andrew Davidson9v1Martin Neill
Paul Hannaway10v0Willie Whitson
Gary Mason5v5Stevie Mackie
Martin Neill8v2Gavin Brock
Stevie Dall7v3Stevie Mackie
Gary Mason7v3Paul Campbell
Martin Neill4v6Paul Hannaway
Andrew Davidson8v2Gary Mason
Stevie Dall8v2Willie Whitson
Andrew Davidson9v1Willie Whitson
Martin Neill2v8Paul Campbell
Gavin Brock7v3Willie Whitson
Stevie Dall3v7Gary Mason
Paul Campbell6v4Stevie Mackie
Andrew Davidson7v3Paul Hannaway
Gary Mason6v4Paul Hannaway
Willie Whitson3v7Stevie Mackie
Martin Neill4v6Stevie Dall
Stevie Mackie3v7Paul Hannaway
Willie Whitson4v6Paul Campbell
Gavin Brock3v7Paul Hannaway
Stevie Dall1v9Andrew Davidson
Martin Neill1v9Gary Mason
Paul Hannaway7v3Paul Campbell
Andrew Davidson8v2Stevie Mackie
Stevie Dall5v5Gavin Brock
Paul Campbell2v8Andrew Davidson
Gavin Brock2v8Andrew Davidson
Willie Whitson4v6Martin Neill
Stevie Dall1v9Paul Hannaway
Gary Mason7v3Willie Whitson
Paul Campbell8v2Gavin Brock
Martin Neill4v6Stevie Mackie

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