A Euroleague

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Real Madrid86026746195514
2Brose Baskets84046346191512
4Valencia Basket8404611624-1312
5Partizan Belgrade8305625646-2111
6FC Bayern Munich8305617649-3211
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Partizan Belgrade72v76Strasbourg
FC Bayern Munich85v75Valencia Basket
Brose Baskets73v92Real Madrid
Brose Baskets91v72FC Bayern Munich
Valencia Basket76v68Partizan Belgrade
Real Madrid84v77Strasbourg
Strasbourg78v86Valencia Basket
Partizan Belgrade75v89Brose Baskets
FC Bayern Munich83v74Real Madrid
Partizan Belgrade85v80FC Bayern Munich
Strasbourg77v66Brose Baskets
Valencia Basket73v88Real Madrid
Brose Baskets75v62Valencia Basket
FC Bayern Munich74v92Strasbourg
Real Madrid78v86Partizan Belgrade
Strasbourg69v93Partizan Belgrade
Valencia Basket76v63FC Bayern Munich
Real Madrid83v72Brose Baskets
FC Bayern Munich81v72Brose Baskets
Partizan Belgrade69v82Valencia Basket
Strasbourg76v91Real Madrid
Valencia Basket81v98Strasbourg
Brose Baskets96v77Partizan Belgrade
Real Madrid84v79FC Bayern Munich

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