A Eurocup

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Artland Dragons85036125951713
3Trabzonspor Basketbol8404617614312
5ČEZ Nymburk8305575612-3711
6 Le Mans8206600650-5010
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Artland Dragons77v88Trabzonspor Basketbol
Le Mans90v74ČEZ Nymburk
Cantù87v70 Le Mans
ČEZ Nymburk73v80Artland Dragons
Oostende84v65Trabzonspor Basketbol
Trabzonspor Basketbol93v86ČEZ Nymburk
Artland Dragons71v63Cantù
Le Mans82v70Oostende
Artland Dragons84v75 Le Mans
Trabzonspor Basketbol77v70Cantù
ČEZ Nymburk74v67Oostende
Cantù78v61ČEZ Nymburk
Le Mans70v87Trabzonspor Basketbol
Oostende83v77Artland Dragons
Trabzonspor Basketbol68v75Artland Dragons
ČEZ Nymburk77v63 Le Mans
Cantù86v74Artland Dragons
Le Mans79v93Cantù
Artland Dragons74v59ČEZ Nymburk
Trabzonspor Basketbol72v81Oostende
ČEZ Nymburk71v67Trabzonspor Basketbol
Oostende78v71 Le Mans

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