A championship season 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Burton Albion 31194862471561
2Leeds United 311741067561155
3Stoke City 31151065749855
4Ipswich Town 311551172571550
5Nottingham Forest 311621359491050
6Crystal Palace 31155116558750
7Hull City 31137115357-446
8Reading 31151155764-746
9Birmingham City 31144135158-746
10Rotherham United 31142155456-244
11Huddrsfield Town31134146161043
12Fulham 31127126566-143
13Preston North End 31126136263-142
14Brighton & Hove Albion 31117135862-440
15QPR 31116145352139
16Blackburn Rovers 31107145253-137
17Bolton Wanderers 31113175664-836
18Sheffield wednesday 31105165563-835
19Newcastle United 3179155466-1230
20Rochdale 3186174860-1230

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Ipswich Town 2v2Stoke City
Crystal Palace 4v4QPR
Newcastle United 3v1Fulham
Blackburn Rovers 3v3Burton Albion
Brighton & Hove Albion 3v4Reading
Rochdale 2v1Huddrsfield Town
Bolton Wanderers 2v0Nottingham Forest
Sheffield wednesday 1v3Birmingham City
Hull City 1v1Leeds United
Rotherham United 3v4Preston North End
Huddrsfield Town2v4Ipswich Town
Stoke City 1v1Crystal Palace
QPR 0v0Newcastle United
Fulham 3v3Blackburn Rovers
Burton Albion 2v0Brighton & Hove Albion
Nottingham Forest 2v3Rochdale
Birmingham City 0v4Bolton Wanderers
Leeds United 2v2Sheffield wednesday
Preston North End 2v4Hull City
Reading 2v1Rotherham United
Crystal Palace 0v2Ipswich Town
Newcastle United 1v1Stoke City
Blackburn Rovers 2v1QPR
Brighton & Hove Albion 2v2Fulham
Nottingham Forest 3v4Huddrsfield Town
Rochdale 4v0Birmingham City
Bolton Wanderers 2v3Leeds United
Sheffield wednesday 2v4Preston North End
Hull City 2v1Reading
Rotherham United 2v4Burton Albion
QPR 1v1Brighton & Hove Albion
Huddrsfield Town4v2Crystal Palace
Ipswich Town 3v3Newcastle United
Stoke City 2v1Blackburn Rovers
Birmingham City 3v1Nottingham Forest
Leeds United 4v2Rochdale
Preston North End 1v4Bolton Wanderers
Reading 2v3Sheffield wednesday
Burton Albion 4v1Hull City
Fulham 0v3Rotherham United
Newcastle United 4v1Crystal Palace
Blackburn Rovers 4v2Ipswich Town
Brighton & Hove Albion 0v1Stoke City
Birmingham City 4v2Huddrsfield Town
Nottingham Forest 2v0Leeds United
Rochdale 2v2Preston North End
Bolton Wanderers 1v3Reading
Sheffield wednesday 1v3Burton Albion
Hull City 4v4Fulham
Rotherham United 2v1QPR
Huddrsfield Town2v2Newcastle United
Crystal Palace 4v3Blackburn Rovers
Ipswich Town 2v3Brighton & Hove Albion
Leeds United 1v4Birmingham City
Preston North End 2v4Nottingham Forest
Reading 2v4Rochdale
Burton Albion 2v1Bolton Wanderers
Fulham 1v0Sheffield wednesday
QPR 0v0Hull City
Stoke City 0v2Rotherham United
Blackburn Rovers 0v3Newcastle United
Brighton & Hove Albion 0v3Crystal Palace
Leeds United 4v5Huddrsfield Town
Birmingham City 0v4Preston North End
Nottingham Forest 3v1Reading
Rochdale 0v1Burton Albion
Bolton Wanderers 1v2Fulham
Sheffield wednesday 3v1QPR
Hull City 2v4Stoke City
Rotherham United 4v0Ipswich Town
Huddrsfield Town0v3Blackburn Rovers
Newcastle United 0v3Brighton & Hove Albion
Preston North End 1v2Leeds United
Reading 1v4Birmingham City
Burton Albion 0v1Nottingham Forest
Fulham 3v1Rochdale
QPR 3v4Bolton Wanderers
Stoke City 1v3Sheffield wednesday
Ipswich Town 4v0Hull City
Crystal Palace 3v2Rotherham United
Brighton & Hove Albion 3v1Blackburn Rovers
Preston North End 1v1Huddrsfield Town
Leeds United 2v1Reading
Birmingham City 3v1Burton Albion
Nottingham Forest 4v1Fulham
Rochdale 2v3QPR
Bolton Wanderers 2v4Stoke City
Sheffield wednesday 3v0Ipswich Town
Hull City 3v2Crystal Palace
Rotherham United 2v1Newcastle United
Huddrsfield Town2v4Brighton & Hove Albion
Reading 2v1Preston North End
Burton Albion 2v0Leeds United
Fulham 2v2Birmingham City
QPR 3v1Nottingham Forest
Stoke City 4v4Rochdale
Ipswich Town 3v4Bolton Wanderers
Crystal Palace 4v0Sheffield wednesday
Newcastle United 0v4Hull City
Blackburn Rovers 0v1Rotherham United
Reading 0v3Huddrsfield Town
Preston North End 0v1Burton Albion
Leeds United 3v1Fulham
Birmingham City 2v3QPR
Nottingham Forest 1v2Stoke City
Rochdale 0v2Ipswich Town
Bolton Wanderers 2v3Crystal Palace
Sheffield wednesday 0v4Newcastle United
Hull City 2v1Blackburn Rovers
Rotherham United 2v0Brighton & Hove Albion
Burton Albion 2v0Reading
Fulham 2v3Preston North End
QPR 1v0Leeds United
Stoke City 1v1Birmingham City
Ipswich Town 0v0Nottingham Forest
Crystal Palace 0v0Rochdale
Newcastle United 0v1Bolton Wanderers
Blackburn Rovers 1v1Sheffield wednesday
Brighton & Hove Albion 3v2Hull City
Huddrsfield Town2v3Rotherham United
Burton Albion 2v1Huddrsfield Town
Fulham 4v2Reading
QPR 2v3Preston North End
Stoke City 4v2Leeds United
Ipswich Town 2v1Birmingham City
Crystal Palace 4v1Nottingham Forest
Newcastle United 0v1Rochdale
Blackburn Rovers 4v1Bolton Wanderers
Brighton & Hove Albion 1v2Sheffield wednesday
Rotherham United 2v4Hull City
Burton Albion 4v3Fulham
Reading 2v1QPR
Preston North End 1v1Stoke City
Leeds United 2v1Ipswich Town
Birmingham City 0v3Crystal Palace
Nottingham Forest 4v1Newcastle United
Rochdale 1v3Blackburn Rovers
Bolton Wanderers 3v3Brighton & Hove Albion
Huddrsfield Town0v0Hull City
Sheffield wednesday 4v0Rotherham United
Fulham 3v2Huddrsfield Town
QPR 0v1Burton Albion
Stoke City 3v2Reading
Ipswich Town 3v0Preston North End
Crystal Palace 2v1Leeds United
Newcastle United 2v0Birmingham City
Blackburn Rovers 0v3Nottingham Forest
Brighton & Hove Albion 3v2Rochdale
Hull City 3v3Sheffield wednesday
Rotherham United 0v2Bolton Wanderers
Fulham 2v3QPR
Burton Albion 3v0Stoke City
Reading 2v1Ipswich Town
Preston North End 3v1Crystal Palace
Leeds United 4v3Newcastle United
Birmingham City 0v1Blackburn Rovers
Nottingham Forest 2v0Brighton & Hove Albion
Huddrsfield Town3v1Sheffield wednesday
Bolton Wanderers 2v3Hull City
Rochdale 0v2Rotherham United
QPR 4v1Huddrsfield Town
Stoke City 2v1Fulham
Ipswich Town 4v0Burton Albion
Crystal Palace 1v3Reading
Newcastle United 1v1Preston North End
Blackburn Rovers 0v1Leeds United
Brighton & Hove Albion 2v2Birmingham City
Sheffield wednesday 1v1Bolton Wanderers
Hull City 0v2Rochdale
Rotherham United 2v1Nottingham Forest
QPR 1v1Stoke City
Fulham 4v0Ipswich Town
Burton Albion 4v1Crystal Palace
Reading 1v1Newcastle United
Preston North End 4v4Blackburn Rovers
Leeds United 3v0Brighton & Hove Albion
Huddrsfield Town1v0Bolton Wanderers
Rochdale 4v4Sheffield wednesday
Nottingham Forest 4v0Hull City
Birmingham City 1v0Rotherham United
Stoke City 1v0Huddrsfield Town
Ipswich Town 4v3QPR
Crystal Palace 2v3Fulham
Newcastle United 1v4Burton Albion
Blackburn Rovers 0v2Reading
Brighton & Hove Albion 1v0Preston North End
Bolton Wanderers 0v0Rochdale
Sheffield wednesday 2v4Nottingham Forest
Hull City 2v1Birmingham City
Rotherham United 2v2Leeds United
Stoke City 1v4Ipswich Town
QPR 2v3Crystal Palace
Fulham 4v4Newcastle United
Burton Albion 1v0Blackburn Rovers
Reading 4v3Brighton & Hove Albion
Huddrsfield Town2v0Rochdale
Nottingham Forest 1v2Bolton Wanderers
Birmingham City 1v0Sheffield wednesday
Leeds United 1v3Hull City
Preston North End 4v2Rotherham United
Ipswich Town 2v2Huddrsfield Town
Crystal Palace 2v3Stoke City
Newcastle United 2v3QPR
Blackburn Rovers 1v1Fulham
Brighton & Hove Albion 3v3Burton Albion
Rochdale 1v3Nottingham Forest
Bolton Wanderers 2v4Birmingham City
Sheffield wednesday 1v4Leeds United
Hull City 3v1Preston North End
Rotherham United 3v4Reading
Ipswich Town 4v4Crystal Palace
Stoke City 2v2Newcastle United
QPR 0v1Blackburn Rovers
Fulham 2v3Brighton & Hove Albion
Huddrsfield Town2v3Nottingham Forest
Birmingham City 4v2Rochdale
Leeds United 3v1Bolton Wanderers
Preston North End 2v0Sheffield wednesday
Reading 2v0Hull City
Burton Albion 1v3Rotherham United
Crystal Palace 2v0Huddrsfield Town
Newcastle United 1v3Ipswich Town
Blackburn Rovers 0v2Stoke City
Brighton & Hove Albion 1v0QPR
Nottingham Forest 2v1Birmingham City
Rochdale 1v2Leeds United
Bolton Wanderers 1v3Preston North End
Sheffield wednesday 4v1Reading
Hull City 0v1Burton Albion
Rotherham United 1v3Fulham
Crystal Palace 4v2Newcastle United
Ipswich Town 2v1Blackburn Rovers
Stoke City 1v4Brighton & Hove Albion
Huddrsfield Town4v0Birmingham City
Leeds United 2v1Nottingham Forest
Preston North End 2v1Rochdale
Reading 2v0Bolton Wanderers
Burton Albion 0v4Sheffield wednesday
Fulham 2v3Hull City
QPR 4v0Rotherham United
Newcastle United 2v3Huddrsfield Town
Blackburn Rovers 1v1Crystal Palace
Brighton & Hove Albion 2v4Ipswich Town
Birmingham City 1v0Leeds United
Nottingham Forest 2v4Preston North End
Rochdale 0v2Reading
Bolton Wanderers 2v0Burton Albion
Sheffield wednesday 2v3Fulham
Hull City 0v1QPR
Rotherham United 0v3Stoke City
Newcastle United 2v4Blackburn Rovers
Crystal Palace 0v3Brighton & Hove Albion
Huddrsfield Town4v1Leeds United
Preston North End 1v3Birmingham City
Reading 0v2Nottingham Forest
Burton Albion 2v1Rochdale
Fulham 1v0Bolton Wanderers
QPR 2v1Sheffield wednesday
Stoke City 0v0Hull City
Ipswich Town 1v3Rotherham United
Blackburn Rovers 0v1Huddrsfield Town
Brighton & Hove Albion 2v4Newcastle United
Leeds United 4v2Preston North End
Birmingham City 2v1Reading
Nottingham Forest 1v1Burton Albion
Rochdale 3v0Fulham
Bolton Wanderers 3v1QPR
Sheffield wednesday 1v2Stoke City
Hull City 1v4Ipswich Town
Rotherham United 0v1Crystal Palace
Blackburn Rovers 2v2Brighton & Hove Albion
Huddrsfield Town2v0Preston North End
Reading 0v4Leeds United
Burton Albion 4v0Birmingham City
Fulham 0v1Nottingham Forest
QPR 1v1Rochdale
Stoke City 4v2Bolton Wanderers
Ipswich Town 2v0Sheffield wednesday
Crystal Palace 0v2Hull City
Newcastle United 0v0Rotherham United
Brighton & Hove Albion 0v2Huddrsfield Town
Preston North End 2v0Reading
Leeds United 3v1Burton Albion
Birmingham City 2v4Fulham
Nottingham Forest 0v1QPR
Rochdale 1v2Stoke City
Bolton Wanderers 2v1Ipswich Town
Sheffield wednesday 0v1Crystal Palace
Hull City 3v1Newcastle United
Rotherham United 0v2Blackburn Rovers
Huddrsfield Town3v4Reading
Burton Albion 4v4Preston North End
Fulham 2v2Leeds United
QPR 0v1Birmingham City
Stoke City 1v2Nottingham Forest
Ipswich Town 2v3Rochdale
Crystal Palace 4v1Bolton Wanderers
Newcastle United 0v2Sheffield wednesday
Blackburn Rovers 3v0Hull City
Brighton & Hove Albion 2v3Rotherham United
Reading 4v1Burton Albion
Preston North End 0v1Fulham
Leeds United 4v3QPR
Birmingham City 1v1Stoke City
Nottingham Forest 0v4Ipswich Town
Rochdale 0v2Crystal Palace
Bolton Wanderers 3v4Newcastle United
Sheffield wednesday 4v3Blackburn Rovers
Hull City 1v1Brighton & Hove Albion
Rotherham United 4v0Huddrsfield Town

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