9B1 Badminton League 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Carlena and Gemima760161313018
2Hazera and Salma85037073-315
3Ayiana and Kiera74035044612
4Mahnoor and Sabiha64024743412
5Aliyah and Storm43013922179
6Usba and Kinza6303524759
7Larissa and Heleena5302403919
8Megi and Roshini63035557-29
9Ayman and Ridhi42023336-36
10Zainab and Makadija61054054-143
11Sarah and Asma51043650-143
12Sumaya and Zainab60063158-270
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Carlena and Gemima3v6Usba and Kinza
Ayiana and Kiera2v1Mahnoor and Sabiha
Zainab and Makadija9v5Hazera and Salma
Ayman and Ridhi9v7Sumaya and Zainab
Aliyah and Storm9v5Ayiana and Kiera
Carlena and Gemima9v4Megi and Roshini
Larissa and Heleena9v7Zainab and Makadija
Mahnoor and Sabiha9v5Hazera and Salma
Carlena and Gemima9v3Sarah and Asma
Usba and Kinza9v6Sumaya and Zainab
Megi and Roshini9v8Ayman and Ridhi
Ayiana and Kiera9v5Zainab and Makadija
Carlena and Gemima9v4Sumaya and Zainab
Hazera and Salma9v7Sarah and Asma
Larissa and Heleena9v8Aliyah and Storm
Usba and Kinza9v5Zainab and Makadija
Carlena and Gemima9v4Mahnoor and Sabiha
Hazera and Salma9v7Ayiana and Kiera
Larissa and Heleena9v2Sumaya and Zainab
Mahnoor and Sabiha11v9Usba and Kinza
Carlena and Gemima11v5Ayiana and Kiera
Sarah and Asma11v10Larissa and Heleena
Ayiana and Kiera11v3Larissa and Heleena
Mahnoor and Sabiha11v9Zainab and Makadija
Mahnoor and Sabiha11v9Sarah and Asma
Carlena and Gemima11v5Zainab and Makadija
Ayiana and Kiera11v6Sarah and Asma
Aliyah and Storm11v3Sumaya and Zainab
Ayman and Ridhi11v9Hazera and Salma
Megi and Roshini11v9Usba and Kinza
Aliyah and Storm11v5Ayman and Ridhi
Megi and Roshini10v11Hazera and Salma
Hazera and Salma11v10Megi and Roshini
Megi and Roshini11v9Sumaya and Zainab
Hazera and Salma11v10Usba and Kinza

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