8-Ball Pool League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Nico Lamana2015051421251745
2Sam Walbridge 201307126953139
3Drew Jennings1912071361072936
4Coker Wagner1711061241032133
5Quin Barry146088486-218
6Chris Alexander146086990-2118
7Matt Leonard85035051-115
8Patrick Brierty104066771-412
9Daniel Vaughan1330106999-309
10Luke Berridge112095577-226
11David Casillas80083452-180
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Matt Leonard8v5Coker Wagner
Coker Wagner8v6Patrick Brierty
Patrick Brierty8v4Coker Wagner
Luke Berridge8v4Matt Leonard
Quin Barry8v7Daniel Vaughan
Quin Barry8v5Daniel Vaughan
Daniel Vaughan8v5David Casillas
Nico Lamana8v7Daniel Vaughan
Daniel Vaughan8v7Patrick Brierty
Coker Wagner8v7Daniel Vaughan
Nico Lamana8v3Daniel Vaughan
Nico Lamana8v7Coker Wagner
Patrick Brierty8v5Drew Jennings
Nico Lamana8v4Chris Alexander
Nico Lamana8v5Luke Berridge
Quin Barry8v6Luke Berridge
Quin Barry8v7Coker Wagner
Chris Alexander8v7Luke Berridge
Chris Alexander8v5Daniel Vaughan
Nico Lamana8v3Quin Barry
Drew Jennings8v3Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander8v7Luke Berridge
Coker Wagner8v2Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander2v1Quin Barry
Sam Walbridge 8v6Chris Alexander
Drew Jennings8v6Chris Alexander
Coker Wagner8v2Luke Berridge
Coker Wagner8v6Chris Alexander
Daniel Vaughan8v7Luke Berridge
Chris Alexander2v1David Casillas
Nico Lamana8v7Quin Barry
Quin Barry8v7Patrick Brierty
Nico Lamana8v6Patrick Brierty
Patrick Brierty8v7Drew Jennings
Drew Jennings8v1Daniel Vaughan
Drew Jennings8v4Daniel Vaughan
Sam Walbridge 8v0Daniel Vaughan
Sam Walbridge 8v6Daniel Vaughan
Sam Walbridge 8v4Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander8v5Quin Barry
Drew Jennings8v5Quin Barry
Nico Lamana8v6Luke Berridge
Sam Walbridge 8v3Patrick Brierty
Sam Walbridge 8v6Patrick Brierty
Sam Walbridge 8v2David Casillas
Sam Walbridge 2v1David Casillas
Matt Leonard8v5Drew Jennings
Nico Lamana8v5Matt Leonard
Nico Lamana8v7David Casillas
Drew Jennings8v5David Casillas
Matt Leonard8v7Sam Walbridge
Drew Jennings8v7David Casillas
Matt Leonard8v4Nico Lamana
Patrick Brierty8v7Nico Lamana
Drew Jennings8v1Luke Berridge
Matt Leonard8v6Sam Walbridge
Nico Lamana8v6David Casillas
Drew Jennings8v1Matt Leonard
Sam Walbridge 1v2Luke Berridge
Coker Wagner8v7Quin Barry
Sam Walbridge 8v4Luke Berridge
Quin Barry8v2Sam Walbridge
Coker Wagner8v2Chris Alexander
Sam Walbridge 8v1Nico Lamana
Coker Wagner8v5Drew Jennings
Nico Lamana8v5Sam Walbridge
Coker Wagner8v6Sam Walbridge
Nico Lamana8v7Drew Jennings
Sam Walbridge 8v5Drew Jennings
Drew Jennings8v6Coker Wagner
Nico Lamana8v7Coker Wagner
Sam Walbridge 8v6Drew Jennings
Coker Wagner8v7Sam Walbridge
Coker Wagner8v5Nico Lamana
Drew Jennings8v5Nico Lamana
Sam Walbridge 2v1Quin Barry
Drew Jennings8v7Quin Barry

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