7 vs 7 COED

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bravos COED 43102291310
2Gracia COED42202917128
336 COED3102411-73
4Leones COED31021121-103
5Aztecas COED 30121118-71
6Fc Cuervos Coed 100101-10

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Gracia COED11v3Leones COED
36 COED1v0Fc Cuervos Coed
Bravos COED 6v2Aztecas COED
Bravos COED 4v036 COED
Leones COED5v2Aztecas COED
Bravos COED 8v3Leones COED
Aztecas COED 7v7Gracia COED
36 COED3v7Gracia COED
Bravos COED 4v4Gracia COED

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